5 of the Best PS2 RPGs You Can't Miss Out On

The PlayStation 2 was one of the greatest consoles of all time, known for it's incredible RPGs. We take a look at five of those classics in this list.

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Loktai1382d ago

Missing rogue galaxy, shadow hearts, disgaea and persona 4 for a start...

Pookandpie1381d ago

That's the problem with top 5 lists: People typically can't agree on a 'top' anything.

I would've put Shadow Hearts Covenant on such a list in a heartbeat, but then again, I'd also do the same for Xenosaga Episode III, etc..

Magicite1381d ago

5? theres at least 50 noteworthy rpgs on ps2, it was the king of games.

Hoffmann1382d ago

How is Odin Sphere an RPG?

pkb791381d ago

FF XII over X any day.