70° Ad Watch: PS3's Advertising Qore writes: "Sony's new online magazine for PS3 users, Qore, not only keeps PlayStation fans in the loop, but it's also becoming increasingly attractive for advertisers. We chat with SCEA about Qore's strategy and its ad appeal.

It could be argued that the print media is in the midst of dying a very slow death, and nowhere is this more evident than in the gaming world. While gaming magazines used to be one of the primary sources of gaming information, the Internet (and to a much smaller degree, the TV) has mostly usurped this role. After all, when users can gain instant access to game videos that offer them more about a game than several pages of written word and still screenshots from a source with a large lead time, it's obvious which route they'll take most of the time.

Sony Computer Entertainment has seen the trends in gaming media and has responded with Qore, an online magazine exclusive to the PS3. The company hopes that it can reach its audience in a whole new way. Not only is it a unique way to promote its products, but it's also an intriguing way for advertisers to reach the PS3 audience.

We caught up with Susan Panico, Sr. Director of the PlayStation Network, and got to the center of Qore."

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360degrees3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Its obviously smart that companies such as Sony are realizing that print is almost DEAD, and online magazines are the future, but I personally would NEVER, and I do mean NEVER pay for this service, as my only possible incentive would be exclusivity into certain Betas, which just seem wrong in my opinion to pay for a BETA lol

Omegasyde3665d ago

Atleast its optional. Granted the first edition sucked monkey ( where is my socom beta). It was mildly entertaining and I was able to show people on a big screen instead of 19" monitor.

+ the chick is hot

dhammalama3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Why would you consider this to be any different?
I used to buy magazines JUST to get a certain demo that was included on the disc inside. I bought the magazine and I got a demo for free. This isn't any different.

Esena3665d ago

I totally agree with you. I would buy magazines just for that reason. Qore is much better than that too cuz you get behind the scenes stuff on a lot of games, cool other downloads -- and if you think about it $25 a year is a only a little more than $2 an issue. It's not something mandatory either...I was gonna subscribe to a physical magazine for that price but decided that this was a better option.

The only thing I wish they did was have Qore as its seperate application and you just downloaded the main application and it updated itself whenever a new issue came out.

LeShin3665d ago

People seem to forget that people paid money for magazines with demos, I know I did. Don't you remember:

Amiga magazines with a demo floppy
PC magazines with demo cd
Mega Cd magazines with demo cd
Playstation magazines with a demo cd

$hit, the official Playstation Magazine had a demo disk and cost £5 and people still bought it (I've still got tons of those demo disk still with some even having those Net Yaroze games) so I'm not sure what people are really complaining about!

It's a choice you can make. Would I always purchase a magazine just for some additional content? no, which is why I skipped the first issue of Quore, but I did get the second issue because of the Naruto Demo( which I think is awesome!)

Would I pay to get to play against someone online when I'm already paying for the bloody internet? Never

SL1M DADDY3665d ago

I pay for Qore because I love seeing all the same information I get from most print magazines, in HD on my 47 inch HDTV. I love seeing in-game footage in HD while sitting on my couch and the small number of advertisements doesn't bother me any more than the advertisements did in the rags I used to read.

Getting an inside look into what games are coming to the PS3 through Qore is great. It makes for a great time when you can actually see the footage in action rather than seeing screen captures. It's something that to me and several others here makes sense. If you don't like it or don't see the value in it then you are not forced to buy it. You can even wait for the YouTube version to hit in SD if you like but as for me, I like the HD content and the layout of it all is nicely done.

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blackblades3665d ago

At first I thought that it would get updated every thursday with the regular update but its not. But still everyone can still watch the videos with buying they just watch it on youtube and get the theme anywhere.

Elvfam5113665d ago

have the HD quality than the youtube quality
QORE is a good mag i like it really cool how you can seen
the behind the scenes in a video and not just pictures
and $25 bucks isn't that bad man i remember i use to pay $50 for live
if you dont believe send a friend request to elvfam511 then ill reply eat sh!t ok its settle

kingme713665d ago

I like Qore. I would argue contrary to this article that Qore more resembles a magazine than a website. You just get alot more visual content this way.

Veronica was a bit annoying in the first episode, but the second she was much better, plus she's not hard on the eyes.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3665d ago

Adverts? I didn't notice anything apart from Veronica!!! ;-D

Crazywhitie3665d ago

the only thing I do not not like about this mag. is that I Pay 2.99 for it. then have to watch in game Advertising... if I pay for it i don't want to see extra Advertising

GodsHand3665d ago

I would like to know which magizine out there that does'nt have advertising, and is $2.99.

I like the option, but would still wait for a better incentive then 'calling all cars' as a free game, beacuse I already have it. I know it's only with the yearly subscirption.

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