NZGamer: Call of Duty: World At War Preview

NZGamer writes: "In 2009 Activision will once more be leading us into battle. Yet again we will be taking on the twin threats of Germany and Japan. But this time victory will be in sight as we sweep into the Fatherland with the Soviet Red Army and push across the Pacific with the US Marine Corp. In Call of Duty: World at War, peace is on the horizon and it is up to us to seize it.

Last year the Call of Duty franchise moved away from its original World War Two setting with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The results were spectacular. The game not only looked and sounded great, it played well and was full of atmosphere and tension. However, that was in the hands of lead developer Infinity Ward. 2006's more modestly received Call of Duty 3 was developed by Treyarch, and it is Treyarch that takes the reigns for Call of Duty: World at War."

The Good:
-Graphics, gameplay and atmosphere

The Bad:
-One step forward, two steps back

The Ugly:
-The Eastern Front

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sak5003725d ago

If the graphics and atomsphere is good so whatever is the premise of the game, it can turn out to be a good.