TeamXbox: Cliff Bleszinski Interview

TeamXbox writes: "Gears of War 2 might be the most anticipated Xbox 360 game of the year, and not only were we lucky enough to get some real hands-on time playing the game, but we also got to sit down with Epic's notorious Creative Director Cliff Bleszinski to talk about the inspiration behind some of the new features and the overall direction of the series:

Q: An early tagline for Gears of War 2 was "Bigger, Better, more Badass." Now you're describing it as "more epic, more personal." What do you mean by that?

Cliff Bleszinski: "More epic" in regards to the battles, but also in regards to the scope of the problem that's going on, as far as humanity's back being against the wall. They're in this spot they've holed up on called Jacinto that's roughly the size of Manhattan and is threatened with complete collapse. Since the best defense is a good offense, The COG has to launch this full scale attack against the Locust and actually go down underground to where they live and take them out. And of course stop whatever the hell is sinking these cities and put a stop to it. It's quite the huge task for humanity.

But at the same time in the midst of all that, Dom has his personal quest (to find his wife). Yes he has his duty to humanity, but he also has his responsibility to his wife and to finding out where she is. So those two things are kind of the bookends to that."

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GiantEnemyCrab3660d ago

haha this is going to be fun.. sound the alarm.. incoming flames.

sak5003660d ago

LOL now there'll be droids coming just like locusts horde with their KZ2 and R2 yarns.

Angelitos3660d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, keep thinking Smears of War 1.5 looks great, once again, it tricks the eye it does, I'm talking about the sequal and the original. Poor Xbots, what he just say? "the best defense is a good offense? Poor Xbots, rofl, try doing that in a real life war, lots and lots of your teammates will be killed. Poor Xbots, Naruto for PS3 wil be better than this crap.

Poor Xbots

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Zhuk_3660d ago

Epic's Gears of War 2 is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious exclusives to hit the Xbox 360 this year and a strong candidate for game of the year. I for one am looking forward to this fantastic addition to Microsoft's platform. I know I'll be jumping in.

crank3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

And this is why everyone thinks you are a hardcore doosh. Really hardcore.

Jump in!

Look Down: Seriously, this guy is for real. Hop ON!

Of course only ****'s like you disagree I will agree with you. Care to minus any bubbles DOOSHY?

beavis4play3660d ago

it looks to be a great game and there isn't anything else coming out for 360 this fall.

n00bzRtehgey3660d ago

moron. Fable 2. and that game alone beats any ps3 game out or coming this year. owned.

Zhuk3660d ago

With the release of Gears of War 2 these holidays the Xbox 360s domination over its inferior rival the PS3 will undoubtedly continue. Gears of War 2 will be the number one selling title these holidays, easily selling well over 5 million copies while the PS3 will struggle to sell games over 1 million copies due to an overall lack of consumer enthusiasm for Sony's calamitous platform.

Sony's laughable answer to the Gears of War 2 juggernaut will be releasing a mediocre sequel to a mediocre launch title, Resistance. The first title was absolute garbage with horrible graphics and it looks like the sequel will be continuing this tradition with another mediocre attempt by Sony to make something comparable to the AAA titles on the Xbox 360, but imitation won't get them anywhere as Resistance will be a critical and financial flop like all of Sony's PS3 titles.

Another year gone by and another year of domination of the Xbox 360 over the PS3, what a great time we live in and a great time to Jump In on the Xbox 360.

sak5003660d ago

SO did u already throw ur ps3 now that you're back in our camp :D

Sez 3660d ago

i always like reading your posts. and how you make all the little sonyfanboys get upset. keep up the good work man. bubbles for you.

n00bzRtehgey3660d ago

I LOVE THIS GUY! he just puts it right out on the table. he makes it obvious why ps3 sucks. no droid can respond. just phantom disagrees lolool!

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