Where is the "Soul of the Ultimate Nation" English Version?

Neocrisis: World of Warcraft has had a huge following for a long time. Similar style games such as Diablo I/II and Starcraft have also enjoyed major success here in the USA. People have spent hours upon hours honing their online skills and successively wasting their lives away in front of the monitor (NOT a bad thing :). However, over seas the innovators of video games, namely the Asian population are enjoying a game which Americans have not been able to get their hands on. It is an MMORPG, created by the Korean company Webzen then sold to THE9 (China) for $13 million USD in total, "which at the time was the largest single export transaction in Korea's online game history." (wiki) The game is called Soul of the Ultimate Nation, and it has been changing the way people look at MMORPG's the world over.. just not in the USA.

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