Taking Screenshots on Xbox One is Possible

The Xbox One has been out for over a year now, consistent updates have been rolling out making the Xbox One better and better as time goes on. One thing we are missing however is Xbox One's screenshot feature. Here at ThoseGamers we love a good workaround so we set about finding ways to take Screenshots from the Xbox One. The good news is we've found a couple of ways to take screenshots.

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RjK311jR1410d ago

Interesting ideas and work around! Step 3 use your camera on your phone lol

badz1491409d ago

I honestly LOL reading the title of this article. in 2015 and we're talking...screenshot? anyone must admit that this is kinda funny. I mean, every pc, laptops, macs and smartphones out there can take screenshot with ease, not to forget the PS4 too but after a year, the Xbone still can't. is it really THAT hard to put in? or is it just not that important?

shloobmm31409d ago

Preview members can take screenshots without an issue. It's a way to show them what issues we are having as the update the system. I'm sure it is simple. Implementing it into the game itself so that maybe you can take a screenshot at any angle is probably more along the lines of what Microsoft is working on.

Mr Pumblechook1409d ago

So this workaround is a screenshot of compressed 720p video which will lose much of the detail.

If the XBO can do video capture which I would think is much more complicated why can't it take a screenshot?

IrisHeart1409d ago

Now there is no reason not to buy one! Wait...

Septic1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I'd rather just wait for the official update. Such long winded suggestions on here when on the PS4 you just hold down a button lmao.

TheStrokes1409d ago

Or change its settings and you can just tap the button... even quicker lol that extra 2 seconds holding the button down could get me killed during a match lol.

YamiMarik1409d ago

Way too much work for a screenshot. I'm sure Microsoft will add in a proper screenshot feature in the future.

XSpike1409d ago

Wait wait wait.. You couldn't take screenshots on Xb1? Wow, just wow, I thought it was their since day 1.

I hope MS will get the XB1 to record for at least 5mins for MP footage, 30seconds is no where near enough. PS4's 15mins is very reasonable for MP & SP but would of been even better if it went up to 30mins or more! But yeah 30seconds isn't enough.

Hopefully we'll see longer game play recordings on XB1 and a proper screenshot button in the very close future so when I pick up an XB1 it'll be ready for some screenshots & long recordings

jackanderson19851409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

it already has 5 mins... 30 seconds is just for the "xbox record that" recordings

XSpike1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Ah k, thats good to know. Still longer would be better but 5mins for MP is good.

Lol that the disagrees guess people don't want longer game play recordings or a screen shot function..

souldestroyer141409d ago

On ps4 does the recording save to your hdd or to the cloud? I would imagine managing large video files to be annoying

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