Sony Online Entertainment Acquired by Columbus Nova, Now Making Games for Xbox

Today, SOE are pleased to announce that they have been acquired by Columbus Nova, an investment management firm well known for its success with its existing portfolio of technology, media and entertainment focused companies. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where they will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company. Yes, that means PlayStation and Xbox, mobile and more!

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christocolus1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

This came out of no where..Does this mean H1Z1 will be coming to xbox one too? the president of the studio is excited about making xbox one games. he just posted this on twitter.

John Smedley
can't wait to make Xbox One games!

TheGreatGamer1409d ago

I think this means that soon enough we will see all soe games currently or coming to ps4 come to xbox one also, very exciting indeed.

TomShoe1409d ago

Say it with me everybody:

Cross Play
Cross Play
Cross Play

Seriously, Microsoft is the only thing keeping us from being able to play with our friends, regardless of platform. I hope their allowing cross play with PC means more cross play games, and more unified communities.

AngelicIceDiamond1409d ago

MS buys Minecraft and is still on Sony's platform. CN buys SOE and is now making once Sony online Ip's to multiplat on X1.

This a pretty significant cross overs this gen.

just_looken1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

going to post what i posted below so people will get what this really means:

Also Columbus is a investment firm not a game company or publisher.

These guys will being doing everything to make a penny there bean counters. Expect horrible development decisions horrible games.

If you dont get what i mean just take kevin olerly from shark tank that kind of person is there boss now. A suit and tie 0 heart bean counter.

Good luck to soe they have been around 1995 but now will be milked and wipped to the curb :(.

UltraNova1409d ago

Mark my words SOE will become a free to play mobile first game pumping machine...

How times are changing...

BattleAxe1409d ago

I feel like I've just had a bucket of cold water dumped on my head....this is crazy news!

mikeslemonade1409d ago

"Sony Online Entertainment Acquired by Columbus Nova, Now Making Games for Xbox"

Nice spin on your title. You desperate to generate positive xbox news?

SOE hasn't been since Everquest.

hay1409d ago

The same happened with Activision and we love them even more afterwards...

GameNameFame1409d ago

Sony lately has been on a mission to trim off fat.

As part of their mission statement, they said they will reduce non profit area/department and focus on profitable one.

SOE was never part of console gaming department as they made games for PC first then considered possible PS port. Not really a loss for PS4 gamer anyways. We never really even consider PC game as "exclusive" unlike the competition.

So Sony is just doing what they said they would do. Trim off fat and focus on profitable areas. Even specified PS4 as the entire company's main focus.

kwandar1409d ago

Possibly even on the Wii U :)

morganfell1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

People may be jumping the gun on their call concerning the now former SOE titles. Note this line:

"So what exactly does this mean for you? It will be business as usual and all SOE games will continue on their current path of development and operation."

No place do they say current games on their assigned platforms will be expanded to encompass the Xbox One. There is also the question of who owns those particular IPs. Do you really believe Sony sold all of the IPS developed or in development along with SOE? Possibly. Possibly not. Possibly one or two.

The situation with DC Online Universe is a bit different since Sony did not own the IP but the same cannot be said for the other properties. People might want to pause for clarification before they begin jumping up and down in either anger or celebration.

XBLSkull1409d ago

Most likely just the start of selling off gaming division assets to help them stop losing money, I'd love to see what amazon could do with the PlayStation brand that will probably be next.

No_Limit1409d ago


Sorry to break it to you, I think the president of SOE pretty much confirmed the inevitable. :)
"@j_smedley does that mean theres a chance of h1z1 coming to xbox one?"

"J_smedley replied:
@ yup"

MysticStrummer1409d ago

"I think this means that soon enough we will see all soe games currently or coming to ps4 come to xbox one also"

Not the ones still owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. SCE only co-published DC Universe Online so that one could go to XB1, but SOE doesn't own Planetside, Everquest, or H1Z1.

4Sh0w1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

"MS buys Minecraft and is still on Sony's platform. CN buys SOE and is now making once Sony online Ip's to multiplat on X1."

-Yeah but the BIG difference here is that when Microsoft bought Minecraft it was already on every platform and micro was smart not to make it exclusive to Xbox. Going forward Microsoft is NOT planning to bring any other games to ps4. In this case it looks as if CN wants to maximize profits by bringing at least some SOE games to Xbox One.

"SOE Turns Independent, Eyes Xbox Support" -

"Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company, Now Multi-Platform" -

Wow! Now this is some unexpected news.

Sony must still be bleeding money, its crazy becausr I remember last year so much speculation on Xbox brand bring dumped/sold off with a new CEO, I always said Xbox is an important part of micro's future plus micro financials are great and now Sataya Nadella keeps promoting his support for Xbox every chance he gets. Its so weird hearing this news...I hope somy gets on yhe right track with their finances.

Grap1409d ago

why use "we"?, do you have a stock share in Sony???

ShinMaster1409d ago

Microsoft doesn't allow for cross play. They require separate servers for Xbox. Even with "exclusive" PC/Xbox games like Titanfall.

Which is why games like FF14, SF5 (not just SOE games) are only cross play with PlayStation and PC.

Kribwalker1409d ago

They brought all the IPs with them.

And with Windows 10 coming out, ms is implementing a lot of cross play games now, and ff 14 is already most likely coming to Xbox now aswell

Wizard_King1409d ago

Besides PS2 SOE have a terrible track record and have some of the dirtiest business tactics around. This will just make things worse

N4g_null1409d ago

Isn't this what every one wants nintendo to do? Grabs pop corn this can't be good.

Mr_cheese1409d ago

On transfer deadline day aswell! Shocking January window jeff

Sevir1409d ago

Now that they've spun off an unprofitable division, take the money an invest heavily in broadening the first party development
Buy up some new studios or divide the funds up for investments into current projects for other first party games in development.

Acquire "From Software" and or "Quantic Dreams" or Start a new Studio in the US in New York and have them work on a new entry in some of the old IPs.

morganfell1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

@No Limit, you are not breaking anything to me. You need to go back and look at what I posted.

I stated caution as the information was not available at that time. I stated Possibly they had been sold, possibly not, or possibly ony 1 or 2.

Now that it is confirmed I look forward to all the positive glowing remarks concerning H1Z1 and Planetside 2 by those persons that previously damned the games as they were not on their platform of choice.

Your post history is on public display so I am interested to see how you manage to treat the same company and Smedley in a positive light without really praising them.

Gamer19821409d ago

I wonder what this means for DC Universe online.. Been swapped with 3 operators for that service so far since launch its getting annoying.. Might finally call it quits..

andibandit1409d ago


Or in laymans terms
"I got pwned"

Neonridr1409d ago


"No place do they say current games on their assigned platforms will be expanded to encompass the Xbox One."

and then No_Limit posts that quote from Smedley basically confirming that we will see some of these games show up on the XB1, and then your response is completely trying to brush it under the rug. You made a quote above, you were proven to be incorrect, and then you ignore that fact.

morganfell1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Everyone was pwned that failed to read and properly interpret a relatively simple statement. One would think it isn't on par with splitting the atom yet amazingly individuals fall far short of items that would cause a child to repeat the third grade. Apparently for a few, childhood reading might as well be quantum mechanics.


Can you not read either? I plainly left the door open as at the time I made my post the situation was unknown.

" Do you really believe Sony sold all of the IPS developed or in development along with SOE?"

See the question mark at the end? That means the sentence is a question. Now note the rest of my remark:

" Possibly. Possibly not. Possibly one or two."

That fairly covers all eventualities with none selected above the others.

You are dying to prove me wrong and will apparently bend any set of facts in an attempt to shape them into the result you wish. I have been wrong on this site before and stood up and said yes I was in error. This isn't one of those times due to the fact that I made allocation for the unkown. Why should simple comprehension rise to such Herculean levels?

UltraNova1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

So now that is all but confirmed that H1Z1 will come to the xb1 eventually I'm looking forward to see the current general stance -its broken, unfinished, unbalanced, we pay for demo-ing it etc..turn into what a cool game, it still needs work but it has all the right things/ideas to succeed, its fine to pay for beta testing it because of its great potential and long get the picture.

Dont you hate the irony? the double standards?

Well I don't, because it exposes some people for what they truly are. They are the same people who justified Tomb raider's buyout and then bashed and cried wolf for Street fighter's.

Grow the f*** up!

Now I dont see this buyout as negative news for Playstation since SOE never focused on consoles it was more than an afterthought. TBH what game did they make that made waves, a true must have on PS?

If you can name 1 or 2 then that further illustrates the problem here, they've been around for ages (1995)with basically nothing noteworthy to show even when they developed for both PC and PS.

If Sony believes that SOE bled money, money better off spent else were then yeah why consider this deal a bad thing?

IcarusOne1408d ago

This is pretty cool news. It'll be exciting to see how this shakes out.

OT - I think Morganfell just set the record for most words wasted trying to have the last word in a meaningless internet comment thread.

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TomShoe1409d ago

SOE was losing money, so Sony decided to sell it off to a
large investment firm. As for SOE's games, it's heavily
rumored they'll start coming to Xbox now that they're
independent. SOE themselves might be in for a
restructuring. Sony pockets some cash in both the short and
long term. Who knows what they'll do with the money.
Maybe buy a few studios?

Nekroo911409d ago

If Sony buys Sega with this money then ill be happy.

telekineticmantis1409d ago

Lol Sony might aswell just stick to making consoles, if they're gonna give away their best devs, I thought they were #4theplayers, turns out they're #4theirpockets

Kal0psia1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

No Sony gets nothing long term. This is outrightly bought out by Columbus Nova, soon going to change the name from SOE to Daybreak Game Company and games WILL be on Xbox One also. Just swallow it whole buddy, no point in muddling anything. It is what it is unfortunately.

But to some here this isn't surprising it's all in the fillings and on top of that Sony not releasing it's financials on time is a huge sign to the market that it's not doing so good.


That's kinda unfair, it's business they need the money to remain operational. Also anyone trying to spin this into a anything positive is delusional. This isn't selling of assets to to gain anything more significant, this is selling to keep the company stable and not fall off. But lately it's been a slow dying company. Hope they don't take Playstation brand down with them.

Vengeance11381409d ago

Sony's releasing its financials tomorrow, so we'll see how its all going.

dcbronco1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Buy Sega? Buy some new studios? Really? Even this doesn't wake people up to the reality that Sony has major financial issues? Sony did this as part of a continuing plan to restructure the company to make sure there will still be a Sony. Look for cameras and TVs to follow. Kaz is trying to get Sony down to a good fighting weight. Not trading in pork ribs for fried Snickers.

Sony delayed their financials because of the breach. I'm pretty sure they announced that last month. Losing The Interview as a major revenue producer hurt third quarter and probably will hurt first quarter 2016.

Sony is a classic case of too many problems at one time. PlayStation will be one of the few things to survive. But selling online is actually a surprise unless this is structured to pay them a royalty in perpetuity.

BattleAxe1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I didn't expect Sony to sell SOE, but I am expecting Evolution Studios to go at some point. When you look at the history of Zipper Interactive, and you compare it to Evolution Studios, you can see that history is repeating itself.

AngelicIceDiamond1409d ago

@Mantis That's nice so let Sony lose money and not look after there other divisions.

Of course Sony's looking after their bottom line they're a damn company.

Sony's not trying to please you. Is it unfortunate?> yes it is.

But you seem to forgot they're company FIRST they don't work for you nor or they a charity.

And that's the harsh reality.

GameNameFame1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


what are you on?

Lol. their core business is quite strong. They had few department that was incurring huge losses.

Sony stock actually went up huge amount as soon as Sony said they will trim off fat and focus on profitable area. and PS4 will be their main focus.

So no. Dying as a whole will be desperate characterization.

OB1Biker1409d ago

I guess everyone is happy and I'd rather Sony to focus on PS4 intead of PC games anyway

LordMaim1409d ago

@telekineticmantis: Their "best devs"? Are you kidding me?

Ausbo1409d ago

If Sony was smart, they'd continue to invest in the studios that make the most money. They should expand their naughty dog studio to three teams. This way a naughty dog game could come out annually whether its uncharted, last of us, one of thier old ips or even a new one. This studio has proven themselves and they can sell a lot of games if they annually developed them over 3 year cycles.

kwandar1409d ago

Looking forward to seeing these games on Nintendo products too - especially if they're good!

Feel bad for Sony - losing money hand over fist they need to sell assets.

maniacmayhem1408d ago

Sony is in financial trouble I doubt they will use this money to buy another studio that is also in trouble.

Andofaus1408d ago

I get people are going to try to find a silver lining in this, but unfortunately this is nothing more than a business deal. Sony need cash, more now than ever due to their investor meeting. It's no different than when they sold their building a couple years back.
I have a feeling this won't be the last of the sell offs either as Sony downsizes, this is not necessarily a negative though if they can cut underperforming products a smaller Sony can start making profits again and secure their future.

_-EDMIX-_1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

lol, I'm not sure why the disagrees, thats pretty spot on.

PS2 was suppose to be a launch game, H1Z1 was suppose to NOT be Pay to win, yet when launched on Steam a pay to win.

Last year SOE lost Sony $60 million.

SOE always had promise, thats sorta the problem.

Here is a lot of trailers of what could be great games....that either never release, take too long to release, riddled with issues, never release on console and if they do....riddled with issues lol

SOE last great game really was DCU or PS2. H1Z1 sounded soooo epic, until it released with issues that were claimed they would not release with.

This aids Sony in the long run really well as they can't focus on making PC titles that are also PS4 titles if those titles never release. They sell consoles, they need to focus on that aspect.

SOE hasn't sold anyone on buying a PS system legit since the early 2000's with the PS2. That was the LAST TIME!

No doubt Sony will use this money to likely buy other studios as every gen they buy a few, this would be good for them in light of all the great PS4 sales.

PS gamers are STILL getting those games, hell if anything, with more money they could realistically see those games release sooner.

I think this is a good move by both parties. MMOs favor more people playing then less.

I just didn't see any of SOE games selling PS4's.

Consider Sony was spending HUGE millions to fund a team that didn't generate the type of "buzz" that got millions getting PS4s....

Sooo spend millions on a team that doesn't produce the quality one would expect would sell consoles in millions?

I feel they would get more systems sold getting a team like Quanitic Dreams, Ready At Dawn, etc that are known to create console titles (maybe not too much Ready At Dawn)

That note, I would LOVE to see Sony buy SEGA!

Great teams, great ips, Sega is really turned its self around last gen like NO other company.

From "meh" in the PS2 era, to buying up teams like Relic, Creative Assembly, Atlus etc They've been doing such a great job.

On a purely business note, It would also do them well to buy Capcom.

Capcom last year has stated its open to selling its assets or IPs, they are in money troubles and as a Japanese company, it makes sense for both Sony and Capcom.

(it would make more sense for Capcom to stop making stupid moves though lol)

" I doubt they will use this money to buy another studio that is also in trouble."

Define "trouble"? The studio cost TOO much. They are trimming the fat and doing a damn great job at it, if your not making them money, you need to go.

Sony was in even MORE trouble last gen.....yet still bought a lot of studios.

Evolution, big Big studios, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games etc

They are still a gaming publisher that still has funds out there to actually buy studios....

Currently PS4 is selling better the any PS system to release..

This news means Sony is spending LESS per month then years before. On the contrary...this means they are MORE likely to buy a better studio..

You need to invest in a business like this. From Software, Sega, Quanitc Dreams etc can all be bought by Sony and very well could this gen.

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gangsta_red1409d ago

Not only that but maybe Planetside 2, Everquest and DC Universe Online!

It's a shame Sony had to let go of this but now this means that this dev can start taking advantage of other options that maybe MS can provide them on the PC side.

And with MS focusing on PC/Xbox crossplay I think it is more than possible that we will see these titles soon.

MysticStrummer1409d ago

DC Universe is possible but Everquest, Planetside, and H1Z1 are owned by SCE.

No_Limit1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


SORRY, but the purchase of SOE also came with ALL the included ips as part of the deal as SOE is the sole owner of the iPs and not Sony.

The president of SOE just confirmed this via twitter.
"@j_smedley does that mean theres a chance of h1z1 coming to xbox one?" 

"J_smedley replied: 
@ yup

So Planet side 2 is definitely a possibility on Windows 10 and XB1 as with all the SOE games.

Yup, this has been confirmed..all SOE published ips belongs to SOE as expected.
Yalstromo ‏@Yalstromo · 39m39 minutes ago 
@j_smedley Which means IP's like EveQuest, H1Z1, PlanetSide etc. have been sold by Sony, too? Right? (No longer owned by Sony) 

John Smedley ‏@j_smedley · 38m38 minutes ago 
@Yalstromo they came with us.

dcbronco1409d ago

Wow, delusional to the point that even when the president of the company says it they still disagree.

Septic1408d ago

Just stumbled across this and the sheer denial of FACTS, words spoken by the PRESIDENT of SOE, all that being ignored....

Flippin eck. Its just sad.

_-EDMIX-_1408d ago

Shame? As suppose to pridefully spending money on a studio that produces junk?

Did anyone here buy a PS system last year because of SOE?

Yet last year SOE cost Sony $60 million.....

It was the right call. This is business. At the end of the day, SOE isn't giving Sony THAT much in terms of money or PS sales to keep them around.

Sucker Punch might have sold more PS systems last year and last gen then SOE...

I'm legit serious too lol

This is actually great for Sony. This isn't about a pissing contest on who owns more of what, what does it matter of MOST of those titles don't come to the system you sell and when they do its years later with bugs?

Remember PS2 coming at launch? Then near launch? Then the first year?

I'm sorry but that is likely what Sony had to deal with, with SOE.

@MysticStrummer- They WERE owned by SCE. They were sold off with SOE as Sony has no use for an IP that they have no team for, of a series that doesn't have a console version yet.

Business wise....this is a good call.

Have Sony spend that money on a team that will actually produce a PS4 game that will get systems moving.

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OpieWinston1409d ago

I as well as many other PC gamers have always stayed away from SoE because a lot of their games end up being P2W.

But perhaps with this change... They may finally start building more grounded games.

christocolus1409d ago

i do hope this change will help drive the company to release bigger and better games. i always felt they were treated like they never mattered to sony. Hopefully things will change now.

Jdoki1409d ago

Unfortunately I don't think that will be the case, but I hope I'm wrong.

Investment firms want the most profit as quickly as possible.

I think this is the point where everything new SoE / Daybreak release from now on will be microtransaction / P2W / F2P stuff.

But I remain hopeful...

jeromeface1409d ago

You think involving M$ will remove p2w... you funny guy. The xb1 exclusive single player ryse even has dlc bro...

AngelicIceDiamond1409d ago

So Sony allowed Columbus Nova to be bought out? For how much and why? Is SOE not making money?

Its good news there multiplat but I just wanna know what happened?

christocolus1409d ago

i cant say what happened. but i think the relationship between sony and soe has been going down hill for quite some time. the studio head and other executives didn't waste anytime asking xbox fans on twitter if they want dc universe even stating their interest to develop games for xbxone. they also told fans that they still had full ownership of all their ips.

Kayant1409d ago

Just in case people miss this because no one seems to read past the title these days -

"It also means new exciting developments for our existing IP and games as we can now fully embrace the multi-platform world we are living in."

They own all their IP.

just_looken1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


Also Columbus is a investment firm not a game company or publisher.

These guys will being doing everything to make a penny there bean counters. Expect horrible development decisions horrible games.

If you dont get what i mean just take kevin olerly from shark tank that kind of person is there boss now. A suit and tie 0 heart bean counter.

Good luck to soe they have been around 1995 but now will be milked and wipped to the curb :(.

Aceman181409d ago

Surprising to hear, but I'll still be playing planetside 2 PS4 when it drops. Let's hope if they do decide to release on Xbox M$ loosen that grip on crossplay.

n4gamingm1409d ago

How awesome would it be to see ps4 vs Xbox one servers in planet side 2.

Aceman181409d ago


I think that would be totally awesome, but you know the diehards on both sides would say that it's wrong wrong wrong lol.

ThanatosDMC1409d ago

Will never happen even with crossplay. It will alway be Vanu gods vs NC + TR.

frostypants1409d ago

This is TERRIBLE news. Private equity ownership destroys businesses. This is really bad for H1Z1. Sure, Xbox *may* get some of these games (if they even bother making console and PC game anymore) but it may no longer be worth it.

I am angry. Why, Sony?

Joda1409d ago

Cuz they're losing money. Nows probably a good time for us to sell our ps4s. If everything ends up going to xb anyway I could use the extra $300

_-EDMIX-_1408d ago

Bad news for whom? Sony did a great job selling them as they were not making much to get people buying PS systems.

Who here is buying a PS4 because of a game being produced by this company?

H1Z1 sounded conceptually great, it go worse and worse after ever preview.

Promised not to be pay to win, played the beta on was play to win.

Planetside 2 was going to be a launch title, then launch window, then first year maybe in 2015 with no real answer in sight.

Some times this sounds like "Oh sure, a team looking to maintain quality"

....of a game that already exist on PC? Of Free to play?

Were other companies have did many, many ports in faster time OF FREE TO PLAYS.... starting to sound like it was SOE not being able to get there junk together.

Sony is right to let this team go and sell it along with the IPs, they likely got HUGE MILLIONS for this deal, and them using it to buy another I'm sorry is a better choice then to keep having this team waste there time and money.

Last year SOE wasted $60 million from Sony. What did you play of SOE games on PS4 last year?

Can we REALLY say such a expensive team is worth it when they are not producing content to really justify the funding?

RedDeadLB1409d ago

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Gh05t1409d ago

Only to get there and realize that there is just more fertilizer... if you catch my drift! XD