Metal Gear Online Patched

Metal Gear Online has been patched and now includes a new team sneaking mode and adds more host options.

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Sk8boyP3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

MGO is actually pretty good. I've been having alot of fun with it, great graphics, the mechanics work pretty well. Nice to see Konami adding game types, only thing that sucks is that whole Konami ID mess, so there would probably be more players if it weren't for that.

thor3691d ago

Fully agree - why on earth is it not over PSN? The only advantage I can see for doing it through another system would be to enable cross-platform play (lol) which of course can't happen... The reason they _have_ done it this way is ONLY so they can charge for more characters (otherwise you'd just open up another PSN account and get it that way). All I hope is that they keep the new game modes/maps FREE and let the DLC be the new characters - often with expansions no one plays them after a few months...

WAR_MACHINE773691d ago

While I agree the game is fun, but the konami id thing really isn't the games biggest problem IMO. The lag switching and just plain cheating is insane. I was put in a CQC hold by a guy on the ground while I was about 4 floors up in a building. People jump all over the map, countless times I've been shooting at someone and then in the blink of an eye get sniped by the same guy from the other side of the map. They really need to fix crap like this instead of adding new modes to a game that only 3 weeks old.

JonJon483692d ago

They are really keepin stuff coming to the game!!! nice work guys its a good game

name3691d ago

Yeah I know this happened long ago.

Close_Second3691d ago

...I could not get into MGO I'm glad to see it has a healthy following and is getting support from Konami.

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