Exclusive New Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Footage

GoodGameBro writes, "Starting tomorrow, February 3rd, you’ll be able to participate in the Battlefield Hardline open beta. Players on PC will be able to pre-load the beta starting today, but those of you on console won’t be given a pre-load option."

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pompombrum1324d ago

If it wasn't for the police uniforms and slightly modified ui, would anyone actually be able to tell the difference between this and Battlefield 4?

crazychris41241324d ago

Will find out tomorrow when we all get our hands on the beta.

hello121324d ago

Could we not say the same thing about any popular game franchise? The core gameplay mechanics will always be the same. To be honest its refreshing to see a different take here with cops and robbers.

Downloading it now on Origin and will download it on x box 1 tomo and will give both versions a try.

gamer91324d ago

Yeah it's a new game mode, not to mention the new gadgets and vehicles and setting. What was so different about BF4 and BF3 exactly? Oh right, not much.

This game looks like a lot of fun, can't wait

3-4-51324d ago

It feels more team and objective oriented, or at least I think that is what they are going for.

That and there are a ton of new game modes that sound interesting.

Mix that with the new vehicles n such, and it should be a pretty entertaining and fun FPS in theory.

We will find out how much of that theory is true tomorrow though I think.

Mutant-Spud1324d ago

The doors opening and closing look like a needless aggravation.

quenomamen1324d ago

Have you been able to tell the difference between the last 8 COD's ?

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extravalue1324d ago

looks horrible
ill stick with bf4 until 5 comes out

Ikki_Phoenix1324d ago

ps4 ready for beta morrow

iistuii1324d ago

Just looks like someone's made a mod for B4....

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