Bloodborne: The First 18 Minutes - IGN First

Check out the first 18 virtually-uninterrupted minutes of From Software's upcoming PS4 game.

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Old_Boss_1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I Can't wait any longer. :( March 24th.

thekhurg1410d ago

No way will I watch that and spoil the beginning of the game. Bloodborne had me at From Software.

nX1410d ago

Yep, I'll do myself a favor and don't watch anything until release. Watching it now would just make me want to play it even more.

gustave1541410d ago

I watched it and it was glorious

waltyftm1410d ago

Agreed, the game looks epic.

Forn1410d ago

I tried go stay away from watching but my anticipation was just too great. This game is probably going to be my personal goty. Looks incredible.

DarkOcelet1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Lol, WTF! A werewolf in the beginning with no weapons. Thats awesome. The setting in this game is unbelievably beautiful.

izumo_lee1410d ago

I bet u there will be players trying to kill that thing with their bare hands. Just like in Demons and Dark Souls we had people actually beat that first boss.

JetP06191410d ago

lol yeah that axe weilding demon in demons souls then you get to see the dragon God right away only to get killed lol

telekineticmantis1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Well besides that, it's like the game has a whole new brand of combat. We've seen gunblades and stuff like that, but never used in tandem in this way, where the gun is a compliment to the melee weapon. If this game allowed players to play with friends on your friendslist(arguable it might ruin the experience), I would definitely say this is most likely the most well made RPG ever, especially with all these elements put together in this game.

It's just too bad, it's a PS$ exclusive and they'll find a way to nick nack the score down, and ridicule the most miniscule in scale issues, that probably every game has, and things we'll never really experience in the game.

TheLastColossus1410d ago

F*ck you man, you just ruined the game for me, piss off.

DarkOcelet1410d ago

I just ruined the game by telling you there was a werewolf? WTF! Why the hell did you click the article to begin with when you know there will be spoilers.

sigfredod1410d ago

Must resist temptation arrghhh!!!

tlougotg1410d ago

I want the collectors edition so bad but i cant seem to want to get it without a cool mini statue smfh. Idk still might splurge on it, well see.

In either case i put at least 200 plus hours on each Souls game starting with Demon Souls and can easily see myself doing the same with this game. Thank god for RPGs such as these that give gamers tons of replay value, reward and just awesome game play. Every time i sit down and play a Souls game it literally becomes an all day affair and i never want to put it down.

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The story is too old to be commented.