Square Enix Senior Programmer says next Final Fantasy XV footage will 'move' you

This year is setting up to be a major one for one of gaming's biggest publishers Square Enix. While they have a slew of major upcoming games on the horizon, the firm's Final Fantasy XV is perhaps one of the most anticipated.

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Snookies121261d ago

Hopefully they mean it'll 'move' us off our chairs and out to pre-order it with an actual release date reveal.

MegaRay1261d ago

Its either a release date, or "move" support...

Bansai1261d ago

I'll be moved by nothing short of release date, so take this footage and shove it, i've had enough of your videos since the annoucement of Verus/XV

hay1261d ago

He should be FFXV director: 600 bones, 4k^2 texel space, I bet he wouldn't agree with one combat button.

iamtehpwn1261d ago

I didn't think anything could be more moving than Dog Cam.

That is, until they dropped 'Cat cam' on us.

ZHZ901261d ago

Same here, I really want release date badly.

Magicite1261d ago

maybe it will be some sad episode or maybe they will show kittens playing with puppies? (they have showed us cats and dogs already)

johnherlosky1261d ago

no it will scare the move out of us :)

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NoctisPendragon1261d ago

Lol that "next Final Fantasy XV footage will 'move' you" sentence moved me !
I really need that game in my life i see.

gamerfan09091261d ago

Great more boring JRPG'S....

Snookies121261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Not enough explosions and first person shooting for you?

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Eiyuuou1261d ago

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get 1 bubble.

Nucler1001261d ago

Can't waitt, lets get that release datee.

hkgamer1261d ago

dont really care for a release date at this moment in time. its definitely not coming out in japan this year considering the latest video they showed in taipei didnt even have textures on the map.
giving a release date now would just piss off fans and everyone else when we can kinda guess that it will be delayed.

just show us more battle mechanics such as magic usage, menu system and boss fights and i will be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.