Is Sony Pushing The Order: 1886 Too Heavily?

2015 looks to be the year for PlayStation 4. After a rather bleak string of first-party releases, this year marks Sony firing on all cylinders with their lineup of first-party studios. Already knocking at the door is The Order: 1886, developed by Ready at Dawn. It’s no surprise that Sony is out to show this game off to everyone, but could Sony’s desire to hype the game be too risky for the game to live up to?

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Ma1nframeisBack1412d ago

This game is going to be so amazing. I LOVE how all the nay sayers will eat crow after playing this game. I also LOVE how the developers did not let to much information escape before it's release. Can't wait to buy this. DAY 1!!!!

creeping judas1412d ago

The nay sayers however wont be playing the game, but will still put it down based off of videos or others peoples negative comments.

JoGam1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

However if the game is a hit, the nay sayers won't be around to put it down. There is going to be "I told you so" articles regardless if the game is good or not.

But no, I don't think Sony is pushing this game too heavy. I think this game just gives people something to write about because its highly debatable.

BABY-JEDI1412d ago

Are the naysayers gamers or just bad fanboys?

Mithan1412d ago

Exactly. This is why game journalists suck. Most are just parroting what others say, knocking the game.

Time will tell whether it's good or not.

Cindy-rella1412d ago

I cant wait to buy this game first day. This game hasn't much hype behind it at all and id say there are more negative articles made about it than positive ones ive seen. Probably its just so many negative articles it seems that way which i think is silly. The game isnt reinventing tps and it doesnt have to.
Cant wait to play this game

hulk_bash19871412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

This is ridiculous, Sony gets alot of flack for under advertising their games. Now that they are actually pushing some decent support for an exclusive, suddenly their "pushing too heavily." This game looks great, I can't wait to experience the amazing universe RAD has created.

morganfell1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

As I stated earlier:

Once again HCG looking to benefit from clicks at the expense of Sony. Being lemmings one can but hope they will follow joystiq into oblivion. Shut up.

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Nightcyberspud1412d ago

I'd say wait and see if its any good. The press who have played the game seem skeptical and that is never a good sign. The fact that they are promoting it so heavily does not guarantee that it will be good. Only that they want to sell a lot of copies to recoup their investment. There have been too many day one disappointments lately. Look at how heavily Ubisoft promoted Assassins Creed Unity.

BABY-JEDI1412d ago

Promoting it heavy? How?

UKmilitia1412d ago

or maybe ready at dawn wont pay them for reviewsor give thm gifts.
some of the best games i have ever played are linear so im not to fussed and from what i seen of the QTE in this there not the punishing typeand have to redo the last segment,it carrys on

Svinya1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

You aren't allowed to wait and see. You MUST buy this game day one, even if it's terrible, because it's a sony exclusive...or something.

Nightcyberspud1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I'd say that a Superbowl ad qualifies. Not to mention it's been front and center at every trade show event. Reputable press who have played demos of the game have reported concerns. And when this was mentioned the developer claimed that the Demo was an ancient build of the game. I'm sorry but when is it common practice for developers to allow press to play versions of games that are not indicative of the most current version? Smells fishy. I'm just saying buyer beware. Why Pre-order and pre-download when you can wait a day for the reviews?

rainslacker1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

So all that talk about a Halo teaser at the super bowl that people were excited about is now null and void?

An ad is just an ad. Promoting heavy =/= a bad game. If that were true then Halo, Madden, and GeOW would be the worst games in history, yet millions of people love them

The Order is a beautiful game that shows off the power of the PS4. It's promotion is not just for the game itself, because it's likely most current PS4 owners have decided if they'll get the game or not but ads help push people on the fence. It's also to promote and sell the PS4. Games are what sells systems, and Sony is showing off it's first big AAA game of the year in a big way.

"Not to mention it's been front and center at every trade show event"

And? Lets think back at what else has been front and center. GOW, GeOW, Halo, TitanFall, Uncharted, TLOU, and many more. These are the big guns that companies are trying to sell. As far as The Order, it's Sony's next big release, so of course it's going to be front and center.

"Reputable press who have played demos of the game have reported concern"

I LOL'd at the "reputable". Reputable press that has played it have also praised it, but of course we aren't allowed to believe them are we?

"And when this was mentioned the developer claimed that the Demo was an ancient build of the game. I'm sorry but when is it common practice for developers to allow press to play versions of games that are not indicative of the most current version?"

Since the inception of the press demo for trade shows and sneak peeks for VIP type people in the press. Early builds, such as over a year from release, are never going to be like the final product. Most get better, a few get worse.

Ryse was the first game where I saw people criticizing the overuse of QTE in a trailer. In the ryse trailer, they had one literrally after every mellee or sword combat action. As I recall, there were 3 in The Order demo. The corridor argument came from that demo as well and has persisted to this day. Since when has the press assumed that the first showing of any game shows off what the end product will eventually be?

" Smells fishy"

Not really...think that's just you.

All your comments are obviously just trying to paint some kind of conspiracy which you have no proof exists except to downplay this game.

You warning to not pre-order and just wait a day for reviews makes no sense for those that are excited to play this game. Reviews aren't going to sway most of them, and this constant beratement of the game is just going to cast doubt on what could be actual critical review. If the game reviews poorly, it's going to affect the sales of those that don't pay as close attention the this stuff as we do, while the arguments on here are going to be the same.

If the game sucks, there are plenty of reasonable Sony fans who will say so, but of course every Sony fan will be clumped into a generality that we all think with a hive mind.

Sure, caution is good when selecting which games to pre-order or buy, but ultimately, a gamer who pays attention, like most of us on here, can critically examine what we've been shown, take all the reports both good and bad into consideration, and then decide for ourselves how to spend the money that we have as it is our decision to make. Most of us are adults, and we don't need shallow PSA type comments like yours to tell us how to manage our finances.

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Magicite1412d ago

Definitely biggest game of 2015Q1. Hopefully it scores above 80/100.

Svinya1412d ago

Mainframe - and you know this how exactly? Do you have an advanced full copy and have played it already or you're just creating empty hype like everyone else?

BiggerBoss1412d ago

Youve got it backwards. People like YOU are parading around, spouting bs about how the game is generic, on rails, etc (even though YOU havent played the full game either) just because its a Playstation exclusive.

Are Playstation gamers not allowed to be excited for a major exclusive thats coming out this month??

Svinya1410d ago

Boss - sure they're allowed. But do they have to pretend like it's going to be the best thing everrrrrr ?? And say how everyone will eat crow? Btw, i never once bashed it. In fact, I'm going to get it if it's decent..

3-4-51412d ago

IF they are it's most likely because a sequel is in the works.

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Forn1412d ago

People complain about it not being pushed enough... And then complain about it being pushed too much... Smh...

LordMaim1412d ago

No kidding. You can't please everyone.

BABY-JEDI1412d ago

Some people just go out their way not to be pleased! They are un-please worthy!

GameDev11412d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself

UKmilitia1412d ago

the thing is i would rather been shown the same bits improve over time and then the story be good and new than see loads of bits that ruin the games story.

either way they have my predorder

DigitalRaptor1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

When I saw this headline I actually facepalmed.

These journalists are just getting worse, and worse, and worse. This game can catch NO breaks. All it takes is one stupid opinion piece and the unfounded skepticism comes back. Are these thoughtless concern articles for Sony exclusives going to continue all gen?

"Is Bloodborne too grim for gamers to enjoy?"

"Is No Man's Sky REALLY a game?"

"Does Nathan Drake being older mean that UC4's gameplay will be less fluid?"

3styler1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

+bubble to you sir, well said.

nX1412d ago

Yep, game journalism js a unfunny joke lately.

jznrpg1412d ago

You advertise your products to sell them. The more people that see it, the more potential customers you have. The question is silly .

Volkama1412d ago ShowReplies(7)
Sharky2311412d ago

I agree! I've never known anything to be a success without advertisement.

whateva1412d ago

who come up with stuff like this?

THC CELL1412d ago

Too many people are worried or bashing this game I've played it and can confirm it's aawesome. Btw I work at game I've also played bloodborne 2 amazing games to look Forward to. We got evolve today in our store going to play it when servers have been updated.

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