Fallout 3 - More Revealed In Community Q&A, Screenshots

The latest teasers for Fallout 3 have been released, including some drool worthy screenshots and more information through a fan Q&A.
A lot of extra features are announced, so head over to the story for more information.

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mepsipax3725d ago

damn you bethesdsa, comparing your game to the original series, sure Fallout 3 has more lines of dialogue than Fallout, but does that make it better? Ammo has zero weight? this is just a little thing but I mean c'mon, thats not cool, being able to have like 10,000 rounds of ammo on you is not that cool, and if this is a true fallout sequel why the hell would I need that much ammo anyway? oh and I'm scared when he says random encounters, like what? you mean enemies will spawn based on your location, or enemies will appear in front of you? oh and character creation I don't care about unless theres online, why should I care what my character looks like unless someone else but me is seeing it, but aside form my fanboy complaints, screens look good, and at least these guys know a bit about Fallout.

Statix3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

It sounds like you're just LOOKING for stuff to complain about. Being able to customize your character's appearance is a negative now? Ammo not counting towards the weight limit is simply a nonissue; there probably are ammo count limits anyway, just not based on weight.

mepsipax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

my complaints arrive from the loss of freedom, like if they put a cap on ammo, thats stupid, or me not being able to kill important NPC's and children, also stupid, seeing as the children if Fallout 1-2 were annoying as hell, see this bothers me because if NPCs can't be killed then that mean's when you talk to them they trigger an event, meaning you have to follow a set path to get to your destination, this is stupid, if you replay fallout you can beat the game under a half an hour if you know where to go, this fallout game is just gonna give you the illusion of freedom instead of actually giving you freedom, if I want to talk to nobody and explore on my own and find whatever it is I'm searching for, then I should be able to, I don't want to follow some quest, and like original fallout there should be different ways you can find out about the object your searching for. well anyway I'm still looking forward to this game don't get me wrong, but unless it blows me away completely I'm just going to dismiss it as Bethesda ruining another PC franchise while reaching out to consoles.
edit: I have nothing wrong with character creation, just without online it's pointless and also if it's anything like oblivion you create a character that you think looks alright at the start but regret you made him throughout the rest of the game, I'm just saying instead of making customization just give me set people, oh and also you can still play as a woman right? just wondering all the screens have guys and for the 3 or 4 female fallout fans out there that might dissapoint.

GiantEnemyCrab3725d ago

I am so looking forward to this game! Day one purchase for me.

I hope this is coming in 08, could be another repeat for GOTY for Bethesda.

Polluted3725d ago

This game is going to suck up so much of my time.

Panthers3725d ago

Is this game first person or third person (like RE 5?)

I hate first person RPGs and while Oblivion was awesome, I couldnt stand the view.

HeroOfCows3725d ago

I believe it's supposed to be both, like Oblivion but the third person view is actually usable this time.

Panthers3725d ago

Awesome. The third person view in oblivion was useless. Trust me, I tried.

Dark General3725d ago

The third person perspective looks much better in these new screenshots. Before the ones they showed off looked pretty bad to tell the truth (like really bad) but these screen looks much better. Can't wait for the game to come out. Environment looks more gritty as well instead of just the destitute look.

Dark General3725d ago

Where you guys is coming from. It's like if they announced that Dues Ex 3 would have unified ammo and that you couldn't kill important characters yourself (i would hate both idea's). I can now see where you guys are coming from. For you it's a formula that's damn there perfect and all you need to do is through in different graphics, update the story and add a bit more variety and the sequel is done.

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