Slight Mad Studios: ‘Getting Project Morpheus running was relatively painless’

VRFocus- The development team behind the forthcoming Project CARS committed to bringing the title to Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4 last year and have even gone so far as to allow media representatives to get hands-on with the Oculus Rift edition of the videogame. However, talking with VRFocus, Slightly Mad Studios has also confirmed that a Project Morpheus build exists and, in fact, wasn’t too great an ordeal to develop.

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1409d ago
WeAreLegion1409d ago

Good! I can't wait to play it in VR.

Eonjay1409d ago

Awesome. Hopefully this means that a Project Morpheus release is inbound by year's end.

crazychris41241409d ago

Oculus and Morpheus with a steering wheel is going to be amazing

bumnut1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I have played a few car games with Oculus Rift and G25, it's amazing. It is like you are in the car, A friend was playing and chose a wrong gear then got confused and reached for the in game gear stick!

My only complaint was the screen resolution wasn't high enough so when you looked at the cars/track in the distance they looked pixellated. Didn't stop be playing though!

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