Battlefield Hardline preview: multiplayer beta offers fast and furious new modes | IBTimes UK

Battlefield Hardline's announcement was near-perfect. At E3 last year EA showed off a short trailer, a sizeable amount of gameplay footage, and kicked off an open beta that same day - what more could we ask for? The problem was the timing.

Battlefield 4 was eight months old and had been plagued with problems, yet here was EA trying to sell a new Battlefield game. The beta didn't help public opinion either. It worked fine but there wasn't much in the way of progression over the game already available. Replacing soldiers with cops and robbers only goes so far.

Initially set for a late 2014 release the game was eventually delayed, giving developers Visceral Games - taking the reins from DICE - some time to refocus their spin-off into something more individual. Now they're ready to show their work off once again with another open beta.

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