New Bungie Game Announcement Next Monday?

Kotaku writes: "The latest Bungie podcast, which features the usual internal shenanigans - we get up to speed on the developer's air conditioning situation whilst discussing all things Halo - ends with a potential tease about the team's next title being revealed. After lamenting the lack of hard, breaking news over the course of the 91-minute(!) podcast, co-hosts Brian Jarrard and Luke Smith cruelly tease something being revealed at E3.

The following exchange wraps up the Bungie Podcast.

Brian: Isn't there something going on on July 14th or something like that?

Luke: Yeah, around then.

Brian: Somehow that's sticking in my head for some reason. Guess we'll have to see.

Luke: Yep, we'll just have to be patient. Who could say?

No, not very helpful. Listening to it though, is very different from reading it, as Smith and Jarrard's delivery leaves little doubt that Bungie has something up its sleeve."

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Breakfast3730d ago

I like Bungie, more then you.

GiantEnemyCrab3730d ago

Hrmm.. What could it be???

If it's some Halo DLC I am going to be disappointed.

Oops, that wasn't meant to be a reply to you.. but since I'm here

I love bungie the mostest!

SpecialSauce3730d ago

bungie is alright...... i guess

RealityCheck3730d ago

Bungie makes some fun games.

@1.4 I really like ONI back when it came out on the PC, it was really innovative for its time. It would be great to see what they could do today with a modern game engine.

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princejb1343730d ago

hopefully its not another halo
i want bungie to bring some fresh into this gen

steck673730d ago

It would be cool if it was Halo 4 but I prefer a new IP.

Darkiewonder3730d ago

Please I hope it is a new game though. I
Understand that Halo is like the type that
Some gamers like to enjoy but Let it not be another
Shooter and and make it something different
You know an adventure game? LOL It would be great if they left the
Shooter genre.

QueefyB3730d ago

wow they are going to announce another halo hey what happened to finish the fight i think they secretly want xbox 360 players to finish the wallet

mboojigga3730d ago

Kind of like that Final Fantasy right? Kinda of like Resistance 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3, Gears of War 2, Another Rachet and Clank. HMMMM the suprises.

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The story is too old to be commented.