Why Did Few Players Finish Alien: Isolation?

So, why have so few players reached the end of Alien: Isolation?

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DaleCooper1414d ago

The reason I didn't finish it is covered in the article. I got a few games all at once due to the flood of games that came out in the fall, and this game got pushed to the back of the pack. I'll get to it soon though. I would expect the percentages of people that completed the game to rise slightly once we hit a gaming drought.

freshslicepizza1414d ago

running around while the alien is chasing you became tedious because the radar doesn't work so well and you can't do anything if it finds you.

Scottyxboxoneandps41414d ago

Finnished it, loved every second of it. Great game!!! 😃

Transporter471414d ago

I beat it. It was fun, but the ending left me wanting more. I hope they make a sequel. This game was pretty easy even on hard for me.

Vermigs1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Tense atmosphere is definitely the reason why I put it down for days at a time before picking it back up. That and rage quitting after the Alien finds you. I've also heard the FoV (on consoles at least) has been causing motion sickness/nausea for many gamers. As for Xbox stats for the game, I would probably start with TrueAchievements.

thelwebb1001414d ago

More tense than Dead Space??

Vermigs1414d ago

I'd say its more or less equal to Dead Space but its not exactly the same. Like sure the necromorphs can and will jump out of vents and you have to be cautious with that and the tentacle that grabs Isaac but you have the luxury of being able to shoot them with whatever weapons you have. Whereas in Alien you're encouraged to sneak and hide as much as you can to avoid attracting the alien, who also likes to stalk you throughout levels might I add.

Transporter471414d ago

It is more tense than Dead Space because you do not have a large amount of weaponry at your disposal. There are gadgets and a few guns which are very limiting.

N4GDgAPc1414d ago

This is a stupid article because every game is pretty much the same. Not much people finish the game especially if its longer than a 4 to 6 hr game. Took me over 20hrs to beat Alien my first time through.

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