GameSpy: WALL-E Review

GameSpy writes: "Just about everyone expects that videogames based on movies aren't going to be particularly good, but sometimes a movie game comes out that you really want to like. Such is the case with Pixar games. The movies are so darn good, chock full of colorful characters and interesting locales. Why wouldn't you want to step into the shoes (or wheels or flippers or paws or treads) of a beloved Pixar character? Okay, maybe the other Pixar games weren't all that hot, but maybe this one will be the exception.

That was the hope going in to WALL-E. The movie is outstanding, and if the game were half as charming as its source material, you'd be in for a good time. Unfortunately, this game seems eager to remind us that we can go ahead and continue with our negative assumptions about movie-based games. Though not a bad title by any stretch of the imagination, WALL-E ends up being about as average as a game can get."

+Tumbler levels are mildly clever
+Inoffensive gameplay

-The generic platforming gets dull quick
-Loose controls
-Lame multiplayer levels

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Telmarine3724d ago

Will developers ever actualy make a good game based on a movie?