PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Gets Lots of Info on Story, Gameplay, Weapons, Collectibles and More

The Order: 1886 is speeding towards its release on February 20th, and Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya spilled the beans on a lot of interesting elements about the game's story, gameplay and more.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1411d ago

That's some pretty interesting info. Looking forward to play this game and it's success. I want to become the next PlayStation flagship title.

patsrule3161411d ago

I am not pre-ordering, but anxious to hear word of mouth on this. As long as the word of mouth isn't terrible, I will buy it at some point. It looks beautiful, I just want to hear what people think of the game play and make sure it isn't buggy.

dolphin_supreme1411d ago

Yea i totally agree with you. My biggest concern is hours of gameplay. i feel like the game will be 10 to 12 hrs (just a feeling >_<) and if it is, then $60 is too high for me. Im waiting and seeing. if replay-ability is there, then im all in

Man_Marmalade1411d ago

The Last of Us was a 12 hour story, and that was 60 bucks and an amazing game.

PrinterMan1411d ago

I'm very happy to pay 6 bucks an hour to be entertained. Spend more on movie's.

Ma1nframeisBack1411d ago

Hop on twitch / Live from Playstation and see the game play for yourself when it comes out.

patsrule3161411d ago

I don't want to hopon rwitch..I don't want to see any more than I have already seen. I just want to know what people think of the game. I want my experience to be sight unseen. The only time I go on to twitch is to see games I have no interest in buying, but want to see how they look (very rare)

snookiegamer1411d ago

Eighteen Days until Eighteen, Eighty Six ;D

Ma1nframeisBack1411d ago

Stoked for this game. The first truly Next (aka current gen) game that actually looks Next (aka current gen). This is going to be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.