GameSpy: Civilization Revolution Review

While Civilization Revolution does a great job of introducing the concept and gameplay of Sid Meier's classic PC series to the consoles, it falls just short of true greatness due to a lack of depth in the AI and multiplayer options. It's still lots of fun, but that fun is somewhat stunted in terms of its long-term appeal.

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Sevenfeetunder3662d ago

It looks like Civ 4 streamlined for consoles, and I do not like it.

Superfragilistic3662d ago

I'm disappointed in GameSpy and a number of reviewers who have failed to review this as essentially a new IP and not a port/sequel as some have interpreted it.

IGN got it right with an 8.8, stating:

"But Civ Rev is not just a straight port of prior Civilization games. Rather, it is a ground-up rebuild of the basic Civ idea, crafted with consoles in mind."

If you approach the game as such you'll recognise it as probably the best strategy title on next-gen consoles. But if you approach it with a PC mindset you will be disappointed, but more importantly sadly mistaken about the game's intentions.

Treat it as a console game and a fresh IP and you may well enjoy it as much as I have. :)

Omegasyde3662d ago

Where the F*** is the keyboard/mouse options? I wonder if developers forget about that PS3 bonus.

I played the demo and wasn't too impressed it looks like a ps2/xbox title. Very Difficult to raid cities...even with a huge force.

Superfragilistic3662d ago

"Where the F*** is the keyboard/mouse options? I wonder if developers forget about that PS3 bonus."

I wonder if you forgot that this is a console game built from the ground up for consoles and not PC? :p

Only stirring mate! :)

All jokes aside take my above post's advice and that of IGN and approach it as a new IP set in the Civ world and you should enjoy it... particularly the fast and brutal multiplayer. :)

Bowie fan3662d ago

I've had it since launch day, and imo Gamespy's review is absolutely spot on. The game is crippled by an over aggressive AI that quickly wages war on you, and determines how you get to play the rest of the game. Which basically boils down to one of two choices: either 'turtling up', and hoping to get ahead on tech/culture/money, or going on the offensive, and taking the fight to the AI.

Either way you'll often find yourself frustrated by the fact that you seldom have full control over how you choose to play the game. And trust me, for such a short game being under the cosh for most of it's duration can be a right royal pain in the backside!