GameSpy: Skate It DS Preview

GameSpy writes: "Moving this unusual license to the Nintendo DS is no simple feat. How do you recreate the feel of skating on a handheld without resorting to Tony Hawk-style button mashing? The answer is to rely on the Nintendo DS touchscreen, and EA's solution is daring and unique.

Skate It for the Nintendo DS displays all the 3D skating action on the top screen while the bottom screen shows an image of your skateboard deck. Using a stylus, you draw quick strokes on the skateboard to simulate shifting your weight or kicking. For instance, a quick swipe from the rear of the board to the front will do an ollie. A similar swipe from the back of the board and then off to either side will do a kickflip or heelflip. Drawing things like half-circles will start to take you into serious trick territory, where curly swipes of your stylus will execute 360 pop-shuvits and the like."

+Using the stylus to do skate moves is actually fun and intuitive. No, really

-Easy to end up frantically scribbling instead of planning and executing specific tricks

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