GameSpy: Skate It Wii Preview

GameSpy writes: "Last year's Skate won honors as GameSpy's pick for Sports Game of the Year. The secret was in the controls: Mastering even basic moves like ollies and shove-its required some practice with the controller and spot-on timing. By using the controller thumbsticks to simulate where you put your feet, the game really captured the feel of skating, as well as the style and attitude.

With some tweaks and adjustments, the franchise is coming to the Wii and DS, and once again, it's all about the controls. The new title is called Skate It. For the Wii, gamers will have the option of using either the Wiimote or the new Balance Board peripheral. During a recent visit to EA's Los Angeles campus, we got our hands (and feet) onto both for a little bit of old-school grinding."

+Both Balance Board and Wiimote are intuitive to use
+Nice learning curve for complex tricks

-Harder to get trick accuracy with Balance Board or Wiimote as opposed to an old-fashioned controller

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