PS4 Final Fantasy XIV Theme is now available at the PS Store (EU)

The Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn (static) PS4 theme is now available for download at the PS Store (EU). The theme was released more than a month ago on the Japanese Store and now made available for the EU as well.

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mysticwolf1351d ago

Bin there since last week, got it allready.
Too bad it is a static theme, but heh, its free.

VER1ON1351d ago

You're right. It was uploaded a few days ago on the 28th of January but as usual it took me a few days to find out :) Personally I find the theme a bit too crowded and I prefer the default PS4 theme.

Lucreto1351d ago

Love the music on that theme.

Emrage1351d ago

Playstation store isn't working for me, is this for everyone?

VER1ON1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

No problem's here for me (Holland). I haven't seen any updates that the services are down.

Emrage1351d ago

It works for me again and i also live in the netherlands lol.

Gore-Content1351d ago

I'm loving it. Better than dozens of those that you have to pay that's been released recently.

tlougotg1351d ago

Its 2015 wtf wants a static theme? Smfh. Well let me just speak for myself, i want good dynamic themes.

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