PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

PS3 Fanboy writes: "One thing has been made abundantly clear in all the media we've seen of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm -- it is insanely pretty. Playing the recent demo (available now in Qore, public release in a few weeks) only reaffirmed this point. Ultimate Ninja Storm, more than any anime game before it, looks just as good, if not better, than its source material. Not only is the level of detail stunning, the fluidity of the animations and the strong use of motion blur give it a truly cinematic look.

The Ultimate Ninja games on PS2 and PSP were all rather solid, but fans will be shocked to see the series make the transition into full 3D battles. Expanding the battlefield adds a great deal of depth to the aging series, and makes fighting even more enjoyable."

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ISA_Scum3665d ago

Love it. Never a Narutu fan, but I'm buying this game in October or...whenever it's coming out.

TheXgamerLive3665d ago

I'm just joking w/ you all, it looks really good and should be hella fun.

I really loved the first one on the 360, I'm kinda disappointed that our newest version is going to soley be a fighting game and not a free roaming adventure again.

ash_divine3665d ago

it does have free-roaming aspects. and to my best recollection the story mode is a free-roaming mode similar the 360 one.

TheXgamerLive3664d ago

The Xbox 360 has a second Naruto game coming out but the second game is a fighting game only, I was saying that I wished the second game for the 360 was the same as the first for the 360 and that was a free roaming adventure game, also like the ps3 version.

clintos593665d ago

And this game feels so amazing and feels like u are actually in the anime dueling it out. Once crazy thing is, I loved the naruto 360 game from ubisoft and thought that that was the best u can make a naruto game on next gen systems but after playing the demo, I can honestly say, naruto ultimate ninja storm takes it up a notch. A must buy for sure for any naruto fans out there. This game is totally going to rock. :)

Batman773665d ago

The demo looks and plays very smoothly and i'm sure the actual game will be smoother and plus it has 100 mission, adventure mode, and free roam. I can't wait to play as characters like Itachi or jiraya.

Angelitos3665d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, best Naruto game only on PS3. Poor Xbots, the devs of that one naruto game for 360 is a joke, why for 360? Poor Xbots, will you get this game and play beyond?

Poor Xbots

TheXgamerLive3664d ago

It's losers like you that give the good ps3 fans a bad name.

avacadosnorkel3664d ago

I don't really care for Naruto, but the game is one of the finest next-gen examples I've seen so far in terms of graphics and fluid gameplay. I was impressed.