Blizzard Refuses to Stop Updating Heroes of the Storm

Twinfinite writes: Blizzard is making the ultimate commitment to their new franchise: “We’re just going to keep adding heroes forever until we get sick of it.”

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DxTrixterz1410d ago

Forever? I'll give them 1 year more and they'll abandon it like all developers abandon their games.

Heyxyz1410d ago

I agree, the quote is "We’re just going to keep adding heroes forever until WE get sick of it." In other words they'll get sick in like a year...

Palitera1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Lol at thinking devs stop working on a game because they get sick of this or that.

What really happens is: we will update until it is as profitable as we demand to make us "care" for it.

3-4-51410d ago

Just bought into the Beta 3 days ago and I'm loving this game.

Enjoying it much more than I ever did Dota2 or LoL.

A lot of small details about this game appeal to me, but yea it's been more fun than I expected it to be and definitely more team oriented.

The Quicker games help too, as I've rarely seen anybody give up. It's like you always kind of have a chance to make a comeback if you play it right and use good teamwork.

Just my opinion though.

Can't wait to try the Lost Vikings.

TankCrossing1410d ago

The extra heroes sell for between £2 and £7.49 each, plus extra for special costumes and mounts.

They will keep updating it for as long as enough people pay for those updates. Even when the devs and artists do get sick of it, they won't be allowed to stop.

CLOUD19831410d ago

From what I have see there is 33 Heroes atm so not so many imo, LoL have over 120 Heroes, DOTA 2 over 100 & SMITE over 60 so they can keep on adding heroes atm not enough for a game of this type, it's very important to have great variety so the people playing would have many choices & not be bored after a while, the same apply for maps also, so yeah agree with their direction keep on adding new stuff non-stop.

heychrisfox1410d ago

Keep in mind that those games have had several YEARS of development, whereas HotS has only just entered closed-beta a few weeks ago. They game isn't released yet; they have a long way to go, and shouldn't yet be compared to peers except by direct game mechanics, at least not yet.