GamesRadar: PAIN'S Abusement Park Level

It's been a good eight months since the anarchic, Jackass-inspired destruction-porn game PAIN hit the PlayStation Network, and the game is finally getting a second level. The good news is that the game's new playground - a massive, working indoor carnival called Abusement Park - is bigger, brighter and offers many more opportunities for bone-crunching hilarity than its predecessor.

It'll also be released alongside two new characters, as well as a new Darts mode and a couple of in-built minigames to keep things fresh while we all wait for Level 3 to roll around.

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kingofps33732d ago

Looks insane. The amount of pain endured by these characters are just too painful to watch. lol

Blademask3732d ago

looks good. I want..


Hulligan853732d ago

Meh. To little to late imo, the novelty effect wore off a long time ago for me.

I wont be getting this. Unless its free, which it wont be.

aiphanes3732d ago

Women love the game Pain and Pixel Junk Monsters. Both of these games are good party games too. The hardcore PS3 users are not really into casual games.

They should have added this map 5 months ago.

I hope its not going to be fall till we see this up on the PSN.

PoSTedUP3732d ago

looks like a sh*t load of fun yo, i love pain. its soooo much fun.

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