Assassin’s Creed Unity PlayStation 4 Now Available For A Reduced Price On Amazon

TC:" If you have yet to experience the latest entry of the series created by Ubisoft, you may want to check out this interesting Amazon deal, offering the PlayStation 4 version of the game for $29.99 instead of the usual $59.99."

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daBUSHwhaka1411d ago

$2.99 sounds about right.Pile of pish.

KorekSAN1411d ago

Spent few hours playing that game. I would said: $4.99

Hoffmann1411d ago

I might buy AC Unity when it is at less than 10 bucks.

smolinsk1411d ago

Please someone, is the game still a pile of shit after all the patches or playable now?

daBUSHwhaka1410d ago

Pile of broken shit after all patches.Avoid

NovusTerminus1410d ago

I've had no major issues with it. Small glitchesee here and there, but I enjoyed the game.

kurruptor1410d ago

Ignore the trolls. I opened the game on Dec 25th after all patching was complete. I did not experience any issues.

If you're an AC fan, pick it up. Unless you want to prove a point to Ubisoft, not to release bugged games.

lemoncake1410d ago

I can only say from experience from the xbox one version but if both are same the game technically is not bad, I have only been hit with a few bugs and framerate dips. In terms of story and gameplay it is ok but is no where near as good as last years black flag.

Immorals1410d ago

Glitchy, but still very playable. Plus the first dlc is free. Just get it!

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PowerNerd1011410d ago

It's fashionable to bash Ubisoft, but don't let that detract - Unity is now patched and is a very good game.

George Sears1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

One of the best AC games I've played since Brotherhood. The game really makes you feel like an Assassin compared to other entries of the series.

Online play is fun to play with your friends and the new parkour seems a lot more fluid than past entries (although this along with the combat could be improved)

Highly recommended even full price. My third PS4 Platinum.

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