Gioteck HC4 Wired PS4 Gaming Headset Review | Frugal Gaming

I have reviewed pretty much every PS4 headset available on the market and until a few days ago, I was pretty certain I had found the perfect set in the official Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0. Then I received the Gioteck HC4 to review - Writes FrugalDaz

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UglyGeezer1412d ago

Very tempted at that price, they do sound very good.

FrugalDaz1412d ago

They're very good for the price.

Link2DaFutcha1412d ago

I had this set and had to return it because the Mic stopped working on it all the time. Sounds quality was great, but not much use if your teammates can't hear you. Got a turtle beach for about the same price and have had no issues. Also, plugging into the controller is great, but with how fast it drains the battery you'd have to have your controller plugged to the console anyway, so why not just plug the headset in?