New Dragon Quest in development in 'new genre'

Square Enix is hiring for a new Dragon Quest game for either consoles or handheld devices, revealing that the game will be in a "new game genre".

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SegaGamer1266d ago

Oh for god sake. Just give us another turn based Dragon Quest game. We don't want it to be a new genre.

kalkano1266d ago

Yep. I already plan to not buy it. It doesn't even really matter what it is.

3-4-51266d ago

OMG...Dragon Quest!

* Dragon Quest Tactics ?

* Dragon Quest action-rpg that isn't like dynasty a normal action rpg.

Kurisu1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

It's probably just for Theathrythm Dragon Quest which was announced not long ago.

EDIT: Actually looks like TDQ is releasing next month in Japan, so this must be for something different again.

HawaiianDreads1266d ago

Man square is so out of touch with it's audience that it's just getting awkward at this point.

GokuSolosAll1266d ago

If it's a numbered release in the main series leave it be as RPG. Just ruin Final Fantasy, don't drag Dragon Quest down with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.