MGSV's Sins fo the Father Behind the Scenes

A Behind the Scenes look for an up coming project based on MGS!

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DarkOcelet1415d ago

I love her voice, she is really amazing. I love when she talked about Kojima, she said 'Keep you waiting' :) so cool. Kojima is a genius. He knows how to pick the right people. I also love how she say that the anticipation is killing her too, so cute.

ps4gamer19831415d ago

You're right when u say he knows how to find the right people for a job. That's why I try to hope hemade a smart decision for MGO3 despite hiring American team.

OT: This woman's voice sends chills up my spine when I hear her sing. She's an amazing talent!

Glymner1415d ago

What is up with the "FO"?

DarkOcelet1415d ago

I will assume you will talk about the background music. Thats The Sins of the father and its amazing. Unless you are talking on a different thing entirely.

BiggerBoss1415d ago

Hes referring to the typo in the title, "fo" instead of "of"

I didnt even notice the typo at first.

But anyways, SINS OF THE FATHER FTW!!!

vastolorde6661415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Mgs is the best gaming series in my life.Its the reason i game but i guess its time they stfu or they gimme a release date or atleast a fkn release window.I'm tired of articles n articles n trolling everyday with no news on release..I wish the media could shut up and write when they get a date.They'll probably write bout every single gameplay of the whole fxkn game in every fckn show.Until they ruin it like they did with zeroes .

Inception1415d ago

The 1st time i heard this song, it bring shiver down my spines. But i really love it.

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