Assassin’s Creed Unity is the Best Game of 2015 So Far

Paul James of AMHNetwork writes "Being fortunate enough at AMH to have a number of colleagues who write reviews for the site with me presents us with a number of positives. Firstly it allows us to ensure that we cover all games in a timely fashion, with the load shared between all writers, but it also means that when the dust begins to settle I get to visit some of those titles that I missed and give them the time they deserve."

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Walker1408d ago

LoL what ???? seriously

freshslicepizza1408d ago

the game should have been released in 2015, i think that's the point. it was rushed and almost unplayable but things have improved

decrypt1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Game was unplayble on weak hardware. They should have released it at 720p with less NPC for consoles. Blame MS / Sony for loading consoles with tablet CPUs, Mobile GPUs. They just want to rake in profits from the get go this gen.

On PC a GTX 780 could easily play the game between 30-40fps at high settings.

I personally played the game on ultra settings at 5760*1080 was still getting around 80-100fps, sure i have a monster rig.

I would name Unity as the best looking game to ever be released.

kneon1408d ago

You can't blame the console manufacturers for building what people want. I would gladly pay $1000+ for a console if it had the hardware to justify the price, but most people won't/can't pay that much.

freshslicepizza1408d ago

consoles have a tough time selling above $400 it seems. they also want to be profitable so that's why it is what it is and i think this is the first generation we've seen pc technology eclipse consoles so early at an affordable price. all the consoles will struggle to maintain a higher than 30fps at 1080p and even then they will be pushed (the xbox one seems to work best at 900p).

this game is also very cpu demanding.

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joab7771408d ago

I never had any issues on PS4 but minimal framer ate drops. Also, I thought they improved in many ways. And Paris is gorgeous.

abstractel1408d ago

I actually agree. If you are truly not on the bandwagon and have played the game yourself, it's a really great game. I've played every major release this year and it's probably my number 1. Maybe it's because I'm on a PC with a speedy CPU, lots of RAM and GTX980, but that's the only experience I've had with it.

1. AC Unity
2. Infamous SS
3. Dragon's Age
4. FC4 (even though I feel it's a copy paste of FC3, not even the graphics felt that upgraded -- but I still enjoyed it).
5. Driveclub (yep, another game that got shat on by the forum people and media that I found really good -- but I admit I didn't play it for the online aspects so I understand the people who didn't like it who were big into online)

Overall it was a bad year for gaming, so many delays so not many good games released. Destiny was not for me (thought it could be enjoyed more by as a SP game but it turned out to be an MMO). This year looks packed with good releases. Really enjoying the first big one, Dying Light.

As for Decrypt's post... sigh. Other developers have shown what you can do on new-gen consoles. Ubisoft just made a bad decision by relying on the CPU so much.

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Palitera1408d ago

Not really. Actually it is just an entry for most stupid clickbait article of the month.

People arguing about it as it if was the writer's actual opinion are just guillable.

Clown_Syndr0me1408d ago

Only briefly played this when it first come out but got caught up with too much other stuff, Saving it for a dry spell.

daBUSHwhaka1408d ago

Don't bother waiting for that dry spell bud.Just finished this yesterday after playing it for the last few days and I've never been so happy to finish a game.Even with all the patches it's still a disgrace the state of the game.Bugs,glitches,slow down.It really is a mess and it just spoils what should have been a fun game.

Clown_Syndr0me1408d ago

Yeah I believe you, but I've played some total crap during Dry spells and actually enjoyed them just for what they are.
I spent a couple of days playing Lost via Domus on 360 and even Hannah Montana game on a boring afternoon - lmao, how embarrassing...
May never get round to it, but if I do its there.

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