GamePro Review: Unreal Tournament 3

Last year, GamePro reviewed the PC version of Unreal Tournament III and awarded it a rather generous score (perhaps a bit too generous, hindsight being 20/20 and all). But their feelings haven't changed much since then: taken as a PC game, Unreal Tournament III is a solid sequel and a good, old-fashioned online shooter.

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ISA_Scum3660d ago

I trust Gamepro more than any site. I too was dissapointed on the PS3 with UT3. I found the game to be a weak shooter in comparison to the standards set by COD4.

sonarus3660d ago

Personally i thought UT3 was awesome and better than COD4. Its all a matter of personal preference.

PS3 version scored a full point higher than 360 version. That was a little harsh

Skip_Bayless3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Gamepro got to try out Resistance 2 early and when they got to see UT3 for the 360 the just had to rate it this low because it fails in comparision to Resistance 2.

GiantEnemyCrab3660d ago

John Madden I think you've been sniffing too much Tough Acting Tinactin.

Skip_Bayless3660d ago

I didn't say it. Gamepro said "Resistance 2 is better than Halo 3 and bigger than COD4".

But what can I say beggers can't be choosers and I guess UT3 is your only quality FPS for this year. Please don't say Left 4 Dead, Fuels of War, and Battlefield BC because those don't count and UT3 is better than those anyway.

TheIneffableBob3660d ago

"I trust Gamepro more than any site."

Are you serious?

RocketRaiders3660d ago

Understandably they gave the game the right score

no offense to x360 owners but spli-screen doesnt make up for 400 MOds which are on PC/PS3.

the gameplay time is like 1/20 of what it could have been

deeznuts3660d ago

Me too, I was quite dissappointed. I know what UT is all about, and I know it is heavily multiplayer based. I understand that, I've played the original Unreals on PC a decade ago.

But I don't game online much anymore, and did not expect the single player campaign to be ... a bunch of deathmatches. It just wasn't my cup of tea, but a good game if it's what you're looking for. I restrict myself to single player campaigns because of life's demands. So if you're the same, don't get the game.

And no I didn't waste my money, I use gamefly so I get to play all the games without remorse.

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TheXgamerLive3660d ago

Everyone else say's it feels great on the Xbox 360 controller which is almost made for FPS like this. Hmmm, seems a bit suspicious to me, but we all have our own opinions I guess.

I'd easily give this 9.0 out of 10.

RocketRaiders3660d ago

stop ur fanboy crap please

x360 version scored lower since it is missing the MODS. Eurogamer and most other websites gave the x360 version as full point less than the ps3 version

It is just because of not supporting MODS
ps3 version has over 400 mods

DJ3660d ago

The 360 controller was Made for FPS titles. I have this game though, and it's just not that good. The campaign mode (for instance) is really just multiplayer mode, but with AI bots. I was literally shocked when I was presented with countless rounds of Team Deathmatch as the story mode. No real campaign levels. I quit right away.

ape0073660d ago

this is strange

microsoft's 360 and no key board controller?

Ferrite3660d ago

lol! so the reviewer wants a Halo Tournament? What a retard? UT has always been about its speed and twitch gameplay. Must have got owned online, and must have been a camping n00b in CoD4 lol!

I only agree with the art part.

GiantEnemyCrab3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Reviewed just like I expect from GamePro. This is the lowest score this game has received on the 360. I agree that not having key/mouse and MOD support totally blows but this review is harsh. Controller type is a preference!

I knew this game was going to be a flounder on the 360. Epic screwed this games chances on the 360 (with some help from MS)

testerg353660d ago

I'm not saying that 3.25 is wrong, but the review shouldn't lower the score because of something that is not part of the 360 console.

ikkokucrisis3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Now you know how the PS3 owners have been feeling about eating these "harsh" reviews about every game released to date...

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