GamePro's Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008

GamePro profiles the 25 most-promising titles expected this year.

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-Maverick-3693d ago

Seriously. Look at this list. PS3's got the games. The big games everyone's waiting for and it doesn't even mention the PS3 Rockstar Exclusive.

Kleptic3693d ago


although Cory Barlog was mostly responsible for GoW 2...jaffe oversaw it, but was also working on 2 other games at the time...

SCE has enough aweomse guys internally though that it won't matter...GoW 3 will destroy...end of discussion...

and yeah...I hope they show A LOT of Resistance 2 and Killzone 2...those are what I am looking forward to the most currently...

jwatt3693d ago

That was nice, I like the "why we want it" and "why it could suck" part.

sonarus3693d ago

Sony needs to go behind team ico and just remake shadow of collosus with side quests for PS3. That way team ico can make new ip and then we can replay one of the greatest games of all time:D

It has to stay true to the open world nature so i wonder how the little enemies would work

damrightfresh3693d ago

They forgot White Knight Story, Infamous, War Devil,Socom confronttion

NO_PUDding3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Sonarus, I am a fanboy, but that is ludicrous. It woudl deatrct from the fights if they were quests. You naturally have an objective to destory all 16 Colossi right from the start. If you then find, that eatign the curse fruits increase your health, and the curse tails of certain lizards, you can go hunting, and forraging.

No remakes, maybe a re-release, otherwise it will lose it's art direction too.

I ahte people who suggest a remake though, especially changing things, appreciate it for what it is, not what it isn't.

EDIT: And this article is stupid, it's called ICo 3 or TRICO, and will not be about slayign giant beasts. So too bad, let them come up with somethign else.

-Maverick-3693d ago

Honeslty though I want every game on that list except the 1-2 Wii games. I do want Zelda though : )..seriously though PS3 has some cool looking games coming 8D

consolewar3693d ago

who are you trying to convince? exactly. Now wake me up when Sony actually delivers.
This is waiting....

-Maverick-3693d ago


Read the list. Looks awesome : )

ash_divine3693d ago

a better question is why are you trying to convince yourself that Sony has no games. If you've even played a PS3 game you'd know Sony can deliver.

butterfinger3693d ago

This is probably the best "Most Anticipated Games of E3" article yet.

Kleptic3693d ago

still annoying that halo wars was so high up on the list (or was that in no particular order)...but its great to see StarCraft 2 on it...

drives me nuts when sites/mags keep stuttering about halo wars, and fail to mention the unmitigated king of the genre finally getting a sequel this fall...

Kleptic3693d ago

Edit...just found out Starcraft 2 won't be at E3 anyway...Apperantly Gamepro was as misinformed as i was...

iGrenade3693d ago

I'm surprisingly uninterested in alot of those titles. I'm only looking forward to FFXIII, Fallout 3, and RE5 (and the possbile Shadow of the Colossus 2). I think games like KZ2 and LBP are dried out because of the sheer amount of hype for them... I mean GeOW 2, look at it, so much hype, so little change. I think Sony can dish out something like last year (Sony owned last year's E3), like exciting news for Home or something (which I'm also tired of hearing about), but they better not delay more games, this is the reason I'm slowly getting less interested in LBP, KZ2 and Home. Having said that, I think Sony definitely has the best lineup this year, there's nothing that can stop them now with the real games coming out. they better not screw up at this E3, please Sony, no more "giant enemy crabs".

ThatCanadianGuy3693d ago

Bioshock 2 coming to 360 AND PS3?

Damn..that's gotta hurt the xbot pride.

Kleptic3693d ago

its not confirmed in anyway...but it was very apperant that MS simply paid for timed exclusitivity on the franchise...and being that the game really didn't sell all that well for the 360 compared to some other is pretty unlikely to happen again...

meepmoopmeep3693d ago

what will hurt more is when Mass Effect gets officially announced.

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