The Hype Train: Who It Actually Benefits

gamrReview's Zach Frimpong: "With major video game development budgets frequently surpassing those of summer blockbuster films, triple-A titles need to sell incredibly well in order to turn a profit. As such, marketing plays a much larger role in gaming than ever before. Usually, this takes the form of pre-release trailers and demos, and generally speaking these do impress. However, as we’ve seen with a number of recent botched launches, the likelihood of a trailer or gameplay demo representing the final game is becoming increasingly slim."

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Magnus1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Overhyped rushed broken crap not the first time this has happened and won't be the last time. And yet you think developers and publishers would learn when its overhyped and the title flops you think they would not do it again but they do. Mind you there are some overhyped games that are worth playing like GTA5. Its no different then Hollywood when they over hype a movie the trailer looks great and then the movie sucks its and endless cycle,

die_fiend1415d ago

Who benefits from the Hype train? Activision

Master-H1415d ago

The publishers, I presume.

WikusVanDeMerwe1415d ago

I usually ride it till the game releases but I make sure to jump off before it actually arrives. I save money and get to have fun at the same time. I have avoided so many purchases by caring then just not caring about the game anymore near its release;not sure why. lmao