Crysis Warhead To Sell for A Modest $30

With Crytek announcing their next game to be released so soon after the full-priced Crysis, many gamers were wondering whether the next installment would require them to fork over another fifty bucks to revisit the Crysis universe.

Well, and have recently put up Warhead as costing a modest $30.

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Tacki3689d ago

You'd have many happy gamers!

I mean, that's half the price of your average next-gen game release. Heck, that's less than some DS titles!

thereapersson3689d ago

While it won't stop piracy, at least it's a step in the right direction.

Bolts3689d ago

It is generally cheaper to develop for the PC than the consoles, and Crysis isn't the type of games that cost 200 mill to crank out so this pricing make sense. In the PC world new games with a $30 price tag is quite common.

kwicksandz3689d ago

Its only the most powerful graphics engine bar none. yeah i bet they can crank it out cheaper than DS games LOL

ChrisGTR13689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

im pretty shure the price dosent matter to piraters. theyll download it even if it was 5$. its just their way of logic. they wont pay for anything. music movies games software OS.

did you know that world of warcraft can be pirated? yea.. theres tons of pirate servers running right now that allow up to 1000 people at a time. pretty extensive.

mepsipax3689d ago

why do these idiot publishers bother, use steam, I mean come on you can blame poor sales on piracy, a pirate is always going to pirate, that's why he's a pirate, the reason some console ports don't sell good, its because of the measures companies take to prevent piracy, I wasn't going to buy mass effect because of securom (thank god they changed it) oh and chris, OS? how the hell do you pirate OS, that's what I call an extreme pirate, most pirates just don't want to buy a game but an OS? thats a little extreme.

Charmers3689d ago

The reason Crysis and Warhead are not using steam is down to EA, they also have a download service which naturally they want you to use. So they are hardly going to allow a competitor like Steam to offer their flagship PC title. Naturally the EA store is nothing but a complete con, they only let you download the game for a period of 6 months after that you have to purchase the game AGAIN unless you pay an EXTRA $7 to buy a "warranty" of up to 2 years.

BattleAxe3689d ago

Since its on PC, the only way to sell any decent amout of software is to drop the price. PC gaming is on the way out. Thats why Crytek said that will no longer be making PC exclusive titles.

Charmers3689d ago

Yeah because selling 1.5 million copies of a game hardly anyone can get the fullest out of isn't really a "decent" number /sarcasm Crytek are moving to multiplatform for one reason only "greed", there is nothing locking them into the PC format. You see this is the thing with PC developers they are free to do what they please, there is no MS or Sony there to FORCE developers to stay on a particular format. Make no mistake piracy had NOTHING to do with Crytek going multiplatform. Hell they even admit that the Cryengine is "multiplatform capable" so why do that if you originally never intended going on to consoles but piracy forced you ?

Gam713689d ago


$30 in America means £30 in Rip-Off Britain

That's $60US.

BattleAxe3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

1.5 million copies and this game has been out for how long?? MGS4 has sold over 3 million copies in less then a month. So why would Crytek want to develop exclusively for the PC? If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense. That was the point I was trying to make.

M337ING3689d ago

Because they care about more than just making money.

snipermk03689d ago

You probably don't know much about gaming I presume. Crysis was one of the most expensive project till date. They spent a cool $28 Million for the whole project..

M337ING3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

And they still made a profit.

Even it its true, they didnt spend anywhere near the $100 million that was spent on GTA4 or the $30 million on Killzone 2.

Most of the costs were due to developing the cryengine 2. Now that its done, all games created on it will be much cheaper, hence the lower pricetag.

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DaddyDC6503689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

You have to be pretty low on funds to pirate a 30 dollar game that features mind-blowing GFX and sure to be at least decent SP and MP.

@ M337ING, I was talking about the folks who plan pirating a 30 dollar game being low on funds. Not Crytek. Read slower next time.

M337ING3689d ago

I don't think they're broke after 1.5 million in sales of their last game...

Old Snake3689d ago

Is this an expansion or a new stand alone game?

M337ING3689d ago


New campaign ala Half-life Opposing Force, a optimized graphics engine, a new multiplayer mode, and gameplay fixes, new weapons and vehicles.

Good deal for $30. :P

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