5 Predictions For Nintendo In 2015

Predicitons of what to expect from Nintendo for 2015!

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MultiConsoleGamer1382d ago

Unannounced Wii U and 3DS games. New 3DS standard size at E3 Expo 2015. Metroid title.

CloudRap1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Im buying the new 3ds. I was going to get a wiiU but a statement from Nintendo the other day saying "the wiiU isnt over yet" is quite troubling considering the consoles only been out for 2 years.

SteamPowered1382d ago

Simply put, the 3ds has more Must-Own games in their catalogue than the WiiU at the moment. Plus the games are much cheaper by comparison. I play my 3ds far more often than my WiiU.
The Wii U will only get cheaper so there is no rush to buy.

DryBoneKoopa851382d ago

I think your over analyzing what Mr. Iwata stated. I think it was more a message to the people and websites who keep saying Nintendo is going to announce a new console soon. If ANYTHING Nintendo won't announce the Wii U successor until 2017 the earliest and even then it wouldn't be out until 2018 at that point the Wii U would be 6 years old and that's a NORMAL console life cycle.

So what I'm trying to say is you will have at least another two years of amazing content coming plus all the content that has already released. Your safe to buy a Wii U this year and knowing it will be supported till the end.

addictedtochaos1382d ago

"The Wii U isn't over yet" statement is in response to all the Nintendo is doomed articles that pop up every 5 seconds. Don't miss out on some of the best games on the market, go get a Wii U as soon as you can.

desolationstorm1382d ago

An updated Wii U model is definitely plausible. Nintendo could easily tweak the Gamepad and finally announce games that will use two of them.

SteamPowered1382d ago

I find it highly unlikely that Nintendo will tweak the gamepad. It just doesnt make sense why they wouldnt do it before or even have it optional at launch. Personally I play more with the Gamepad Pro than ever with the tablet. The gamepad is very comfortable and lasts for days. If I want anything its for them to lengthen the range of the gamepad to actually make it useful. If I could play throughout the house it would appeal to me much more.

And while I would welcome a new Minecraft on WiiU, I have my doubts that it will arrive anytime soon. 3rd parties have all but abandoned the Wii U and with MS holding the reins on Minecraft, I cant see them expending a lot of capital to get it onto the Wii U with its low install base.

johnherlosky1382d ago

they got really lucky with the wii, they need to bring back the multi-player aspect

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