IGN: Unreal Tournament III Xbox 360 Video Review

IGN has posted their Video Review of Unreal Tournament III recently released for the 360.

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thereapersson3667d ago

I gotta say, the splitscreen option is nice, especially if you were to play this on a large TV. That said, it's really the only difference between the two console versions (besides mod support), so no matter which version you get, you are getting a solid playing game.

SpecialSauce3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

trust me don't buy dis shyt. not worth it. i rented dis shyt and got board in like 4 hours. plus it said split screen on da ps3 version and it wusn't. very very disappointing.

thereapersson3667d ago

Since when did the developers ever claim that the PS3 version would have split screen?

Ghoul3667d ago

either you start writing like a grown up or your going to the ignore list, that gangsta rasta talk is damn annoying.

faustomrtnz3667d ago

of course you're gunna get bored of a game if you play 4 hours you have a life or just sit on your ass and play video games with most of your free time

Ru3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

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jaja14343667d ago

Yea that's great and all but, why did you feel the need to post it?

badz1493667d ago

for UT3, no mods = no fun!!

FPS nut3667d ago

So how many good mods are on the PS3 version? maybe 2, everything else is crap and you know it. So 360 fans are missing out on 2 good mods but they get DLC and better graphics. Sounds like a trade off to me.

Taker_1293667d ago

There are alot of good mods for the pc and ps3 versions. And no you dont get better graphics, because it looks the same. DLC? We got it first, so the only thing that could make this game a buy for the 360 is the split screen.

FPS nut3667d ago

Sorry dude I don't know what cave your living under or if your just in plain denial, but UT3 360 has far better graphics over the PS3 version. PS3 gets the mods, 360 gets the graphics. Learn to live with it dude, I did when I bought Haze. You need to see it from my perspective, I own all 4 and a DS. I borrow copies from my friends, sit down and split my screen. I'm sorry to tell you bro, you don't get this one. The 360 version looks and even runs much more smooth, like I said "PS3 gets mods" if you can find any good ones and the "360 gets the graphics". I'm not trying to be a jerk man, I'm just telling you like it is. Just accept it and move on, you got it 6 months before them, but their version is much more pretty.

SL1M DADDY3667d ago

Sorry, but there are far more than a couple of mods and maps that make the PS3 and PC versions of this game good. It is a decent game but to be honest, if you are not a hardcore UT fan, then you will be bored with this game in a few days. It's a good game but worth only a rental if you are not getting mod support.

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Strife Lives3667d ago

Battlefield Bad Company filled the void :D the SOUND EFFECTS are AWeSOme !

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