"Out of the Ashes...SOON

A website with a mysterious countdown timer has been discovered by numerous Bungie fans over the weekend. Also, along with it is a cryptic message that seems to be done in typical Bungie fashion.

Interestingly if you search the address in google it appears that the website could have been created by a rock radio station, so if you take everything into account it is either a hint to a new Halo game, Marathon, a new Bungie IP, or it could very well be a hoax.

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Boldy3783d ago

Just look for the same exact website. Short Google description:
This is an Internet Rock Station that airs several shows and more. We are Uncensored, and play Metal, Rock, Alternative, Independant Station based out of ...

The BS Police3783d ago

Yeah, I jsut found out about that, so thats why I made sure this was classified as rumour and could be a hoax.

I'll make a quick update.

no_more_heroes3783d ago

The guys over at the bungie forums named the icon in the picture Plungermanjaro.

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Spydiggity3782d ago

People who don't like FPS shouldn't be allowed to comment on Halo. it's still BY FAR the best console FPS. no other game even comes close. COD is basically a rail shooter. Resistance is just a joke. and every other game is a knock off. Bad Company is a good game, but it's only good relative to Call of Duty, it's what COD should be, but since the people at infinity ward are horrible programmers, that will never happen.

people need to give halo credit. if you're a ps3 fanboy go away you don't get to comment cuz your jealously is making n4g lame. if you are a 360 owner and play gears of war, chances are you don't like FPS and you don't get to comment either.

halo is still one of the most played games online. and halo 1 is regarded as the standard in FPS for consoles. Play your precious other games if you don't like halo, but don't leave ridiculous comments about how terrible you are at it...err....i mean how much you don't like it.

ry-guy3782d ago

I'll give you that Halo 1 is still the standard for the FPS genre (along with Half-Life) but I think Halo 3 fell off the cart somewhere. It is not nearly as fun as Halo 1 or 2.

Ferrite3782d ago

this is wrong and has nothing to do with bungie.

If you've listened to the podcast released today, they say you gotta wait till the 14th. Guess whats on 14th, Microsoft's press conference.

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The story is too old to be commented.