IGN: First Blitz: The League II Details

The Blitz series has always been about giving players over-the-top football action while casting some of the constraints established by the NFL to the wayside by shedding the license altogether. While the first entry in the now NFL-free series was seen as mediocre by most, it had potential to be more.

IGN recently sat down with David Friedleand, Lead Game Designer for Blitz: The League II to find out what the dirty players of the world can expect come this October.

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PoSTedUP3728d ago

blitz, slugfest, nhl hitz <------love arcade sports games. cant wait for blitz.

LevDog3728d ago

They make crap games like this.. but wont take the time to bring back Mutant League Football.. If Im gonna play a arcade style football game.. I want something thats actually gonna be fun.. Blitz and EA versions are all the same.. Boring and lame..

I need to learn how to start an online petition for Mutant League Football