Why Oculus is Doomed

Oculus Rift is the current darling of the tech industry. It’s too bad the Oculus Rift is doomed.

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EvilWay1409d ago

I think Occulus will do better than both Sony's and Microsoft tech

BiggerBoss1409d ago

Thats debatable. Morpheus has the Playstation brand behind it so if its priced reasonably it could be huge for gaming.

HoloLens is backed by MS ($$$) and will be used for many things aside from gaming so it could hold wider appeal to the general consumer.

Im not downplaying Oculus, theyre owned by Facebook now so O.R. also has the potential to be huge.

So pretty much, Im taking a wait and see approach. Its far too early to determine whats "doomed" and what will succeed. VR and AR are just in their early stages at this point.

LostDjinn1409d ago

Check pic, source and who posted the piece. See a pattern?

OT: It never ceases to amaze me how certain flag wavers make these assumptions without knowing a damned thing. I think all three could find reasonable market share. I guess you don't get the heat/hits if you don't use certain methods though.

NuggetsOfGod1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

For gaming it will be better than both

Ps4 rendering 1080p twice with realistic graphics? Yeah ok
Vr needs alot more than 30fps.

Hololens will better for things like zbrush and I can't wait for it!

I am not sure how hololens will immerse me more than oculus.

I can see holo lens making cutscenses and HUD better.
Also hololens is not just a headset like oculus.

Hololens is a full pc on ur head. How much will it be?
Will people buy a head pc for xbox? Idk

So yes VR for the dx12 pc platform with high frames and more power.
Hololens for applications on pc.

Pc owns lol

Do you really want to duck behind ur sofa and shoot?

I was thinking seeing how u can watch movies on hololens I wonder if
it can be a VR device in a dark room?

KiwiViper851409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Im much more excited for Hololens than Oculus or Morpheus.

Hololens is futuristic, like something out of a sci-fi movie, being completely connected, while in your usual surroundings. I could see myself using it the entire time im home, maybe even out of the house. It negates the need to own a television.

VR seems like something we should've been using 10 years ago, Its a screen strapped to your face...

TheCommentator1409d ago

Hololens is also good for more than gaming. I see its potential to rethink how we use computer applications as more important than a cumbersome HMD.

THC CELL1409d ago

Ms are doing nothing new ar been round for years google sony vita your phones do it already even the ds and ps move and kinect do it don't get hyped over ms hardware too just don't

KiwiViper851409d ago


I don't think you know what AR stands for bud. None of those things have anything even similar to Hololens, apart from Google glass, but even that doesn't compare.

BiggerBoss1409d ago

To your reply below, yeah i agree with you there. If you see my post above I mention how HoloLens is more practical and may have wider appeal. I was just saying that both are useful in and out of gaming:)

BiggerBoss1409d ago

I disagree. I find the complete immersion of VR to be much more exciting than the "half-way" approach of Augmented Reality.

@commentator VR is useful outside of gaming as well. I tried to link a video (didnt work) where a cancer patient uses Oculus Rift to "travel around the world" one last time. Hololens would not be very useful in this instance.

TheCommentator1409d ago

Hololens can display an image anywhere in a real environment and 3d motion tracking can allow you to reach out and "touch" it. With 3d glasses I can't see what my hands are doing since the screens would block your view. There are more practical uses for it than VR, in my opinion, but it can't do everything as well. Nothing is perfect.

Highlife1409d ago

The real thing is much better.

WheatBread1409d ago

No doubt, but with VR it's everyday whereas with her it's whenever she feels like it.

THC CELL1409d ago

You could use ar glasses to morph your woman into a famous porn star u like it also tracks all movements hehe don't be shocked if she ask u to be someone like Jason statham or brad Pitt often lol