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Following The Nerd "I’m in love with this game. Jumping from roof to roof and smashing zombies is sickeningly satisfying and I can’t get enough of it. I haven’t found a game since Skyrim that I lose track of time playing, but Dying Light has officially made that exclusive list. If you play this and like it, grab a friend and play the co-op. There’s already so much to do, but even more with a friend. Random events pop up like, “Who can kill the most zombies?” or “Who can find the most loot?” While these aren’t game changers it’s fun to add a little competition into the mix when you and a buddy or three are smashing zombies together. Dying Light as a whole is a largely fun, satisfying game that I would recommend to anyone who loves some good action and some good adventures. Any fans of The Walking Dead and gaming will love it, this guy included!"

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