The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt file size revealed for PS4; Xbox One size unknown yet

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release in less 4 months for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Developer CD Projekt RED is hard at working polishing the game for final release.
The game is big - the game will feature over 100 hours of gameplay in a gigantic, open world. As screenshots and gameplay has shown the game is one the prettiest rpgs so far.

As expected this all requires space and now the file size for the PS4 version has been revealed and it's BIG.

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DarkOcelet1413d ago

Thats the size of the full blu ray disc. That is really huge. But considering its a massive game. That was the least i expected. And i am pretty sure the PC version will be bigger.

Spenok1412d ago

The main thing I don't understand is, there have been several games at 50GBs already, so how is this considered news or HUGE!?

DarkOcelet1412d ago

Because 50GBs is still HUGE lol.

RedDevils1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Doesn't matter still doesn't stop me from playing it lol

aCasualGamer1412d ago

This is becoming a joke.

They should have foreseen this trend for nextgen consoles before and increased it to minimum of 1TB.

Gamers will have to pay extra from their own pockets now to go and buy third party hard drives.

This should never even have been an issue.

Irishguy951412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@ CasualGamer...

Come on, they clearly knew. Why should Sony and MS pay for something when they don't need to?

It doesn't matter how 'big' a game is. Or the graphics. Its all about compression. Skyrim fit on a 9GB disk, Uncharted 3 is like 40GB. A Ps3 game. 500GB was never enough, it was mentioned and complained about etc. Sony and MS don't care and they're is no reason for them too as it doesn't affect their sales.

cpayne931412d ago

500 gigs is still fine, you just have to delete some games here and there.

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make721412d ago

physical pc version comes with 50cd:s.Pc will have physical blueray versions of the games after 2025:)

DarkOcelet1412d ago

Hopefully my pc can handle medium settings.

AndrewLB1412d ago

If it doesn't, go spend $150 and you'll be able to.

Meltic- This isn't a port. The game was developed from the very beginning as a PC game.

Meltic1412d ago

Im getting this for ps4 or PC. Im afraid that the PC port is bad :/

DarkOcelet1412d ago

Lol, The Pc port bad? I dont think so. CD Projekt are PC developers first and i am pretty sure this game will be very well optimized.

xTheMercenary_1412d ago

I read a few days ago that the developer has completed the game it still has a few months for bug/glitch fixes and further optimisations. All versions should run almost flawlessly.

UKmilitia1412d ago

they said other day they have got issues on ps4 at moment.
should be sorted by may though easily

decrypt1412d ago

More games released these days are badly optimized for console rather than the PC.

Genova841412d ago

Urgh ... they're pc game developers ... ever player the witcher on console? Oh? You haven't? But you played witcher 2 on xbox 360? Oh wait ... that was a pc to console port ... smh

make721412d ago

if you have at least gtx780 or better then you might pick up Pc version under gtx 780 better take Ps4 version.

styferion1412d ago

The Witcher series has always been a PC first. PC version isn't the port, the console version are, although you still need beastly rig to play it on high or above.

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martinezjesus19931413d ago

I didnt expect any less actually. I need to finish my backlog of games so I could just delete them and make room for all the games comming out this first half of the year

F0XHOUND1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Lol, when I went from my 250gb ps3 to my ps4's 500... I was relieved to have more space! Yeah.... I'm down to like 50gb free space in like 2 months of owning one.... think its time I invested in a 1tb + HDD!

After Dragon Age, I wax expecting at least 40gb tbh

kevnb1413d ago

Delete some installed games, problem solved.

F0XHOUND1413d ago

I'm happy to keep as many games installed as I can as I like the collection tbh. Upgrading is pretty simple :) of course I'll likely delete games I've taken off plus and got their platinum!

Remy_S1413d ago

You should probably go with a 2TB just to save you from having more trouble in the future, even then it will probably be hard to keep all that space for the ps4's entire console generation.

nitus101412d ago

Well you could replace your 500HB drive with a 1TB internal or you could use an external docking system that uses 3.5" drives. See the following URL

Note I did not look all that hard but I think NTFS, EXT4 and FAT (Ugg!) are supported however if they are don't use FAT since it is not a journalling file-system and files have to be limited to less than 4GB.


"Delete some installed games, problem solved."

Not really, it depends if the games you wish to delete are digital down-load or originally came on Bluray. If you have mainly digital download games you better hope you have a reasonably fast network and there are no caps.

If the games you want to delete came on Bluray then reloading them again is not that big a deal.

weirdo1413d ago

glad i upgraded my internal to 2tb. i'll be getting a physical copy anyway.

Femto1413d ago

there is still gonna be a mandatory install even if you buy it physically, not sure if its gonna be a full install though

martinezjesus19931413d ago

You still have to install the game on the system.

fullmetal2971412d ago

You should get the digital version simply because a hard drive loads much faster than a disc. This is especially important for open world games.

UKmilitia1412d ago

well actuallly the game isnt read from disc once installed.
the whole disk installs to the HD the same as digitial.

i refuse to go digital yet because price is a ripp off still in UK andPSN way to slow and wont make use of my 152mb download(limited about 30Mbs

kingPoS1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Man... all these huge games filling up bluray discs. At this rate, it won't be long before we see a two disc games on the ps4/xb1. When that day comes, I would cry if I had to download 60gb+ games on average.

Thank goodness retail still exists in this day and age, you get the the advantage of installing to disk, but non the prolonged wait that comes with downloading the main game.

Gateway MT6706 2008

badz1491412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


there is no difference in loading times between digital and retail copies on PS4 because all games are installed on the HDD anyway and the disc in the drive is just for verification. the upsides of having physical copies are;

1. you don't have to cripple your connection downloading the entire games especially the huge ones such as this and only need to download updates and patches.

2. you can resell or trade it in if you don't want to keep it.

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