Eternal Sonata is the best JRPG you never played

"Back in 2007, there was only one game that I genuinely anticipated. No, it wasn’t Bioschock – though Irrational’s (mostly) excellent game certainly occupied plenty of my time that year. And it wasn’t The Orange Box, whose contents were a largely unknown quantity until we finally managed to get our hands on them after release.

No, the game I really wanted was tri-Crescendo’s wonderful Eternal Sonata (known as Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream in its native Japan), a game which plucked legendary Romantic-era composer Chopin out of history and placed him in a beautiful cel-shaded world that may, or may not, all have been a dying man’s fever dream."

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DarkOcelet1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

So glad i played this masterpiece. It was amazing, its a shame there is not a sequel or spiritual successor to it. The battle theme was just epic.

I was also surprised by how powerful the English VA in the game especially in the final part of the game. The final part of the game was really emotional. Damn, i really need to play it again.

ContinuePlay1211d ago

Agreed. The voice acting was surprisingly good, a point which made sure to make in the article ;)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1211d ago

Ya don't say. I played the demo and couldn't really get into it. I'd say Valkyria Chronicles is the best rpg of last gen that nobody played, but to each his own.
Gonna look up some old gameplay of Eternal Sonata though and see what I missed.

kreate1211d ago

I totally forgot about valkyria chronicles.

Definitely has some originality points.

rainslacker1211d ago

I found the voice acting hit or miss myself. Some was fantastic, some was awkward, and some was rather generic.

Music was fantastic.

Game play was solid although nothing revolutionary or overly compelling and it could get pretty repetitive.

Story, even to this day, I haven't decided if I found it good or not. It wasn't terrible, but found it lacking in subtext.

hay1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Sweet game, though I prefer other titles above it, it's really adorable. It's a must-have for anyone starting with jRPGs, it's really girly so you can hook your sister into gaming.

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Magicite1211d ago

characters and story wee good, but I didnt like the gameplay/combat.

SegaGamer1210d ago

It's a shame games like this get over looked. Is saddens me that something as boring and repetitive as the COD franchise can sell better than this game. This game had beautiful graphics, great characters, great gameplay, great cut scenes, great story line and great voice acting.

THIS is a great game, the same can't be said for games like COD which is literally the same thing over and over again.

The problem with games like COD selling so well and these games not so well is that games like this will eventually fade out, and that will just be terrible for gaming. Gaming needs multiple genres doing well.

360ICE1211d ago

Great game. From the year - year and a half when Xbox 360 actually did really well on the JRPG front. Better than PlayStation, even.

Chrono1211d ago

True, except I played it.

SegaGamer1210d ago

I'm the same, and i loved it. Definitely the best JRPG i played last gen.

Neckbear1211d ago

I played it...the story was cringeworthy and the dialogue made it almost unbearable.

However, the gameplay had some pretty nifty ideas, it's just a shame even its characters were badly balanced (Viola is so broken, oh god).

ContinuePlay1211d ago

I have to disagree. I thought the story was great, and the characters, while being drawn from familiar stereotypes, were all likeable and had bags of personality. The game also has a great sense of humor in places.

A game about a dying man could so easily have come across as po-faced and miserable, but instead tri-Crescendo injected a lust for life and plenty of joy into the game. It's not so much about a fear of death, as it is a celebration of life.

shloobmm31211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

But I did play it!!!! The story is interesting.....

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