Kojima pays a visit to Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan

After his presentation at the Taipei Game Show on January 31st, Kojima paid a visit to Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan. This is where Chinese localization happens, and where MGSV: The Phantom Pain's localization will be realized as well.

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DarkOcelet1232d ago


The guy doesnt even look 51, more like 30. Hell, i am 20 and i look older than him.

Chris0921232d ago

He must possess the fountain of youth.

Oschino19071232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

That's Asians for you. I know it's racist but Asians tend to age well. Those with European ancestry often look like gargoyles by that age.

DarkOcelet1232d ago

I am from Egypt so its not only European. We start to look old from 35 or something. I guess it depends on the healthy food like fish, vegetables and what not the person eats. And usually we dont eat healthy food because there is simply no time to make it :) .

Wenis1232d ago

It really depends on the lifestyle.. for example, go out into the countryside of China where they work in the sun all day, and they look like leatherface at age 60

ajax171232d ago

why are positive stereotypes always called racist? I'll never understand that.

blackblades1232d ago

Yeah thats the power of asians, i'm a 24 african american and I kinda have that power since people think i'm underage every time I go to the casino. Its good but annoying when good looking waitresses there think your underage. It'll probably change since my hair receded.

Oschino19071232d ago

Haha you have LeBron James syndrome. Just shave it and own it.

Magicite1232d ago

Instead of hamburgers, hotdogs, bacon, try to eat sea food and fresh fruits/vegetables. Also drive a bicycle instead of a car.

Oschino19071232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

The bike I am saving for is over 2 thousand for base models, ready to ditch cars outside of road trips. Still have a economy car and 4×4 truck for bad weather.

ifistbrowni1232d ago

holy cow! he's 51? I always thought he was much younger.

S2Killinit1232d ago

all the video games he plays keeps him young.
I wonder if there is something brewing at Kojima Productions for the Playstation 4.

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trywizardo1232d ago

deal smell is in the horizon

Relientk771232d ago

Nice pics, I wanna visit the studio

GamesGamesGames1232d ago

So MGR2 despite all the recent denials confirmed?

TXIDarkAvenger1232d ago

lol you wish.

He even said it’s time to go multi-platform from here. He doesn't want to limit to one platform anymore.

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