Life Is Strange: Episode 1 – Chrysalis Review | GameCloud Australia

William Kirk at GameCloud Australia writes: "Life is Strange is very unconventional in the story that it’s trying to tell; delivering moments you would more often encounter in a Teen comedy-drama than a game. With that being said, the fantasy of being able to roleplay and interact within a setting so familiar is where the attraction comes into play, and being able to manipulate time makes it that much more awesome. Simply put, it plays like a Telltale game that’s driven by the heart of Gone Home and laced with themes derivative of Twin Peaks; though, it holds its own without any problems. A strong female lead and interesting characters bring the game together as it embraces the cliches of the backdrop while still handling mature themes in a meaningful and intelligent way. There are some quirks that might not agree with some people, but I really feel as if DONTNOD are now in the right genre, and I am so grateful this series exists in gaming. Bring on episode two!"

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