The Most Badass Takedown You Will Ever See In Grand Theft Auto 5, Even Michael Bay Would Be Proud

It's been more than 18 months since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released on last generation consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and till date it has somehow managed to surprise us.

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-Ikon-1411d ago

lol at being impressed at an auto aim kill

Elit3Nick1411d ago

there's no auto aim on snipers...

KiwiViper851411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

All you noticed was the gunshot?

You must've missed the bit where he ducked under the helicopter as it exploded. That's incredible timing and a one in a million kill my friend.

Auto aim, hahaha

blockcoc1411d ago Show
Dee_911411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

you people must really suck, this type of stuff is daily routine for me and my friends lol
and i consider my self crap at this game

strauser3601411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Its a grenade launcher guys...

EDIT:Neeeevermind I didn't notice the second video.

SolidStoner1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Its about sniper kill plane in air, not the Noob tube kill chopper... damn you must at least scroll down if you dont read nothing (just think random) :D before you comment..

aslo, for me controller is better for shooters (for me) and yes without auto aim, mouse is like 1990's.. :D damn..

hay1410d ago

If Bay made GTA even the character would explode. Fake.

pixelsword1410d ago

Had to look up who Michael Bay was.

iiorestesii1410d ago

Auto aim that interfaces bullet drop and considers target velocity.

user55757081407d ago

michael bay is never proud

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ifistbrowni1411d ago

it was likely staged. It's odd that he was already facing in the direction almost like he was anticipating.

JackBNimble1411d ago

well when I see someone following me , I tend to get out of my car and face them down as they come at me. I usually get the kill, unless you never look at your mini map you always see them coming.

ifistbrowni1411d ago

I'll take the disagrees, but it's still likely staged. Why would a medical helicopter be flying that low? If it was a cargo bob or a Buzzard, I'd believe the video, but there was no reason for that helicopter to be flying like that other than looking to be blown up by a buddy.

JackBNimble1411d ago

Have you never taken anyone out with a helicopter that has NO guns ? I have , and it's a blast. You should try it sometime, it's quite fun to get a kill with a bird that has no guns .


Why would anyone fly a helimed so low? I don't know, maybe it have something to do with us calling 'em CHOPPERS.

Think it through.

PX541411d ago

Scroll's not the chopper kill they're on about, there's a 10 second vid with a sniper taking out a jet

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ZombieKiller1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

That was pretty badass except for him pray and spraying all over the front of that jet. That's the thing I love about this game the most honestly, is the crazy kills that you can get with all the elements of the game. The other day I took some guy down in a jet from my car with a sticky bomb. That'll teach him to fly low haha. Nice video, but I have to say the gif above it was more impressive.
oh and I think Michael Bay's head would explode if he ever found out what Grand Theft Auto really was. Let's hope not though I don't need him touching that game in any way haha

3-4-51411d ago

literally have seen this 1000 times on gta 4...

That impresses people?

DarkOcelet1411d ago

What is wrong with seeing something cool and call it impressive or something. Its called opinions and in my opinion, that was a badass shot.

3-4-51411d ago

You have a point...I understand, it just feels like they are taking this 1/10 thing and making it into a 10/10 thing, and it's just not.

iiorestesii1410d ago

Did he just jump off the bridge?

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Nucler1001411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Lol, casually cancelled his existence .

I, on the otherhand, would have been erased.

Oschino19071411d ago

That's like a Battlefield moment. My friend does the complete opposite, he has killed hundreds/thousands by sneak attacking with a Golf club.

BC_Master_Haze1411d ago

OT to ask but what's your best Battlefield moment?

Relientk771411d ago

Impressive most impressive

*Vader voice*

Kavorklestein1411d ago

I use the same phrase with the same voice all the time! I like it because It can be used seriously and sarcastically and just for fun... I guess great minds think alike lol

Kavorklestein1411d ago

2 disagrees... probably from the two losers who actively track me and downvote me whenever I say anything friendly. What an amazing life those two must have.

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