IGN: All-Star Cheer Squad Hands-On

IGN don't know of too many balance board titles in the works for Wii, but THQ is already sitting on the slim – but according to Reggie, ever-growing – list of titles that let you hop on the Wiibo and go deeper into the game. With All-Star Cheer Squad, developer Gorilla Games is looking to get the female Wii user up off the couch in what appears to be a pretty intuitive, casual-centric experience.

IGN has had a chance to go hands-on (and feet-on) with All-Star Cheer Squad, and while they are not a team of 15 year old cheer competitors – though they may act, talk, and dress like some here around the office – they still had a pretty good time getting their groove on with one of Wii's first third-party balance board experiences.

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