Why The Prospect Of An All Digital Gaming Future Is Scary And Wrong

AOTF writes: "With the success of platforms like Steam and consoles’ digital game stores, especially with newer implementations like pre-loading, a lot of gamers are moving towards digital only for convenience. However, while it can be a nice option to have, the prospect of this being the only way to game with network issues and hackers abound is absolutely frightening."

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Shineon1413d ago

You buy a disc these days it installs to your system taking up harddrive space so why not go digital

Jag-T10001413d ago

Yeah, but with a physical copy you can sell it, give it to a relative or trade with a friend. Try doing that with your digital purchase.

4Sh0w1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Yeah, but whats better is I legally gave my nephew in Virginia access to all my games on his Xbox One. In the past with the 360 I sometimes would buy 2 copies because he was young, parents cant afford alot of games per year and living in California sort of prevents me from sending my copy to him if I still expect to he can play all my games. Its another really awesome convenience and already saving me money. I don't think many of you really understand the benefits of all digital.

Oh and the whole notion that a digital gaming library is going to be obsolete anytime soon is BS....obviously every game license will be valid for a minimum of 10yrs, this entire gen, plus Im sure there will be options to play other ways when the platform is no longer suported, by then these games will be small potatoes all they need to do is give out key codes for each license and let you play on an online store, sort of how you can play retro nintendo games online now. Lets be honest I like nostalgia and revisiting old games from time to time but mostly I don't play 10yr old games with the little time I do have for gaming...I dont think even those who talk up retro games logically really think its a big deterent against digital gaming now because in some distant future the game might not be supported. Now if money is a issue so you're the type that usually sells a current game to partially pay for the next game theb OK, finances over convenience I get it, otherwise I don't really get the logic.

dreamed1413d ago

You can trade sort of,its called gameshare,actually its better than trade with a friend,coz you both get a licence to play the same game at the same time..

I'm going digital this gen due to being able to buy games off of the U.S xbox store for $60 which equals £35 instead of £55-60,plus the gameshare which means all my games so far cost me £17.50 each.

This gen is cheaper than its ever been for me and my friend.

i'am aware that this could all be stopped at the press of a button back at MS HQ,but tbh can microsoft afford to loose all its gamesharing/digital customers????....maybe it could who knows?

kingdip901413d ago

Because if psn or xbl ever became unsupported you would lose access to those games if anything happened to your console (long term thinking) physical disks will always be accessible.

Think about how popular retro gaming is and how many people collect SNES games. When the current get becomes retro then digital content will be inaccessible and that's sad.

Yetter1413d ago

what if something happens to the physical disks? seems that is much more likely then something happening to PSN/XBL. And the fact that I own a digital copy means I can back them up on an ext HD and have as many copies of my games as I would like

ShaunCameron1413d ago

Physical disks are only always accessible as long as they're in decent condition and/or the consoles are still functional.

kingdip901413d ago

@ yetter

In 15-20 years its unlikely say the ps3 will still be supported via psn however hardware and physical disks will still be in abundance a LA SNES and megasrive.

All digital sucks for those of us who collect/play classic games

authentic1413d ago

I never buy digital, simply because you are stuck with it when you're done with it. I would rather be able to sell a game once i am done with it and get at least half of my money back.

creeping judas1413d ago

Not disagreeing with you here, but if you are able to do it then I can see the point. For me to be able to trade a game is a full day trip. Drive 120kms to Ottawa trade in the game, have lunch, drive back another 120kms, and that is why I like digital game downloads.

Silly Mammo1413d ago

I sell mine through Amazon. They pay for shipping the game to them and once they've received it, they deposit a gift card credit into my Amazon account.

BabyTownFrolics1413d ago

Don't y'all get it creeping judas is a mountain man

Unspoken1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

When digital copies can be had for less than $15-20, the convenience outweighs any benefit I would get from retaining a physical copy and selling it.

Unless you are selling directly to another consumer, each third party will take a piece of your profits. The time spent listing an item, responding to questions, packaging items, shipping items, picking up physical copies, keeping the disc safe...

Just doesn't seem worth my time, especially when physical copies cost more and can depreciate quickly.

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Maxor1413d ago

The PC is virtually 100% digital and it's glorious.

Software_Lover1413d ago

I was gonna say the same thing.

Silly Mammo1413d ago

I agree(my Steam game list is ridiculously large), but then I don't mind digital for PC because you're not able to sell physical PC games back like the console version.

Volkama1413d ago

Sounds a lot like how MS set out their stall for the xbox one reveal, doesn't it?

mass hysteria that followed will keep the likes of gamestop smiling for a good long time yet.

HighResHero1413d ago

Me too but I purchased most of my games on GOG.

pyramidshead1413d ago

I wouldn't mind physical new age carts like the Vita gets for games. Isn't one of the bottlenecks of these console the read/write speeds of a run of the mill bluray drive? I assume that's why people start swapping traditional drives for SSDs in PCs. Soon the spindle drive will become a thing of the past as SSDs come down in price and grow in capacity. Future consoles would save big without having to include an actual drive but include a slot for the cart instead.

They'd be faster and you'd still have a physical copy so you don't have to go all digital. Would love that because #teamphysical until I absolutely have to change that specific gaming aspect.

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