Most Anticipated Games of 2015 – First Edition

Amber writes: "2015 is here and I’ve listed the games which I can’t wait to play this year. It’s a small list, granted, but the few games that I have mentioned are – hopefully – worth players time once they’re released. There is a bit of everything here to suit everyone, from zombie bashing titles to exclusives like no other. There’s still plenty of time left to add more to the list as the year goes on, so here’s hoping I can create a second edition sometime later in the year!"

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DarkOcelet1410d ago

Only 4 games.

The Order 1886
Withcer 3
Arkham Knight
Quantum Break
Halo 5
Persona V
Tomb Raider 2
The list is missing many games.

AmbaLaBamba1410d ago

I'm trying to make multiple versions throughout the year, which is why it's shorter than other peoples lists posted here on N4G, but also it's my personal list. It's not going to contain all the titles coming out as I don't particularly wish to own/play many of them.

That's why I've asked people to post their lists in the comments as you've done :)

xabmol1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

No MGSV is a sin.


DarkOcelet1410d ago

Lol @Xambol

Its a matter of personal opinion. He maybe be interested more in those games than MGSV but to me, MGSV should be the first on any list because its gonna be a masterpiece.

Walker1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Quantum Break ?!!!!!!!!!! you've got to be kidding, right ? :))

DarkOcelet1410d ago

I love Remedy's games and i thought all of them were awesome.

Max Payne 1 and 2 were masterpieces
Alan Wake was one of my favourite games last gen and i still hope for a sequel because it was amazing

I think Quantum Break's concept is beautiful and i really am interested in playing the game.

lemoncake1410d ago

Too much stuff coming out this year.

quiddd1410d ago

The Order 1886 has hit a fever pitch. Greatly anticipated by PS enthusiasts cause it looks to be good. Greatly anticipated equally by XBox enthusiasts just waiting to shoot it down if it is not what it was thought to be.

kingbain901410d ago

The divison
Quantum break

Everything els is irrelevant, and that's the bottom line.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

The Order: 1886
MLB 15

Everything else is irrelevant, and that's the bottom line;)

lfc_4eva1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

You see this is how it should be.
Fans of both consoles looking forward to games on the XB1 or PS4, having friendly banter.

(Then in come some nut cases to ruin everything no doubt).

xabmol1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Metal Gear is irrelevant?! o_0?!


iNcRiMiNaTi1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Why is Dead Island 2 on this list as an anticipated game?

This video shows how terrible the game is and NO ONE should be anticipating this game. When asked about a story or a reason for the zombie outbreak (3:40) the devs just paused and was like "There's no explanation, zombies are just there. There's also no story in our game heehee :)" It's called dead "island" but the game isn't even on an island, the AI looks terrible and so does the gameplay.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

"It's called dead "island" but the game isn't even on an island"

lol Funny. That reminds me of how A Haunting in Connecticut 2 took place in Georgia.

There are more than a few zombie movies where the cause of the dead rising is never explained, so I wouldn't say that's a huge deal.

MysticStrummer1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Right now my most anticipated game is Planetside 2. I'm in the closed beta and I'm completely hooked. They still have work to do but the basic game is stellar.

After that, the ones that leap to mind are Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, The Division, Witcher 3, and UC4.

Edit - Damn I can't believe I forgot about The Tomorrow Children. Also, Until Dawn, Phantom Pain, and Killing Floor 2.

DigitalRaptor1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

The more I see of Killing Floor 2, the more I want it right now.

Other than that I think Bloodborne, MGSV, The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4 are a given for most-anticipated.

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