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The best games make you feel at one with the world and your controller. Actions are intuitive. There may be a learning curve to start, but after a while you don’t think about how you’re doing things, you just do them. Naturally.

Techland’s new open world zombie saga is kind of the opposite of that. And it hampers what might otherwise be a pretty fun game.
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eklektic1413d ago

So this guy thinks the games bad because he couldn't get used to the controls? Lol terrible literally the only thing he didn't like is that he wasn't any good at playing it. Wow.
And in putting in only 25 hours he couldn't possibly see what this game has to offer. Im over 50 plus hours and at 53 percent thru the story. Ive done mostly side quest but that's a lot of the game. As for the controls there pretty good. You just have to get used to them.
I personally love this game. It does have it's glitches but with how much fun and how slick the gameplay is who cares a zombie tornados up in the air or there legs keep dancing it all adds to the fun.

-Ikon-1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

game is very average and meh i dont see why so many have a problem accepting this.. i blame the lack of a lot of great ips this gen as to why people think its so great..

The combat and class system is worse then DI.. Xian > any build in DL.. And if anyone has played Shadow Warrior you would realize a FPS has better melee combat then this game

ThatOneRiggaNob1413d ago

I completely disagree with you. This game completely outclasses Dead Island imo.

BiggerBoss1413d ago

I find Dying Light to be more enjoyable than Dead Island. The parkour is a cool addition and is fun when you get used to it. I by no means think the game is perfect (I would give it a 7/10) but the game is fun and thats what is important.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

The wonderful thing about having an opinion is you'll never be right and you'll never be wrong.

Trying to convince people that your opinion is the right opinion is like trying warm to your hands up by rubbing them with ice.

jznrpg1413d ago

The controls are easy imo, it wasn't hard for me at all to grasp. I guess everyone is different but I surely don't see the problem. Anyway ,I think this game is great, better than several games that people liked this gen, like Shadow of Mordor. It was decent but for some reason I got bored of it fairly quickly, and I am a fan of Middle Earth. But I wouldn't rate that 5.5 even though it was boring to me .To each his own

iistuii1413d ago

I agree. It's soon as I did the high crane training I got the hang of it straight away, nothing wrong with the controls..

MysticStrummer1413d ago

Do we really have to respect other people's opinions when they're this dumb?

: /

Kingdomcome2471413d ago

I know man... I want to, but it's really difficult. I don't understand how a game can get 9's and 5's. This generations games have been so polarizing thus far. I'm loving this game, and the parkour is smooth. Surprisingly smooth actually. This reminds of IGN trashing Alien:Isolation for being, "Too difficult."

shodai1413d ago

Its only the fact that these reviewers are no longer proffessional and sometimes acting like kids when they dislike something instead of viewing it from an objective angle. I only use reviews to see if there are any major bugs or glitches and thats it, the rest I figure out on my own. and when Im not good at something at first I persist and adapt. and thats something that these reviewers cant do this generation it seems. They have been too spoiled.

Oschino19071413d ago

It seems that some people are way better at making excuses and complaining as opposed to making valid and logical statements.

The better question is why these people even decided to do a review or thought their input was ever needed.

Lennoxb631413d ago

You know there's a such thing as a dumb opinion right?

MysticStrummer1413d ago

Well of course. I just see people all the time here saying you have to respect someone's opinion even if you disagree. Hell I've said it myself, but I have a hard time respecting this one.

Bathyj1413d ago

Despite what some would have you believe, opinions can be wrong.

Oschino19071413d ago


Meanwhile they lambast others opinions because of opinions. Must feel nice riding atop their never ending high horses.

Lennoxb631413d ago


Agreed. I think the people who makes these dumb opinions just have no knowledge of the game or just plain suck.


Yea. There can uneducated opinions. Not even opinions really. Just somebody talking nonsense.

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Scottyxboxoneandps41413d ago

Jesus!! This guy must be friggin awful at video games.
Note to author: get a new hobbie buddy... (;

jagermaster6191413d ago

I personally really like this game and I like the controls I think he just sucks!

OpinionSmasher1413d ago

dude really a 5. It may not be a master piece but its worthy of a 7. I even own it on the pc and the port sucks balls and its still a pretty good game.

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